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Lucky Catoshi Launches Innovative Meme Coin Project with Unique Community Engagement

Press Release:

Singapore, Singapore, June 10th, 2024, Chainwire

Lucky Catoshi has introduced a distinctive meme coin project that offers more than 1% of its token supply to users through social media interactions.

By simply tweeting, participants can win 1% or more of Lucky Catoshi's token supply via their "luck machine," presenting a novel approach to community engagement and participant rewards.

About Lucky Catoshi

Lucky Catoshi, characterized by the figure of Catoshi Nekomoto, blends the themes of luck and the iconic Japanese waving cats (Neko cats) with the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto. This character symbolizes the project's core values of luck and positivity, central to the project's ethos.

The initiative aims to transcend the typical meme coin space, promoting positivity and onboarding users to web3. By leveraging social media platforms, Lucky Catoshi allows users to gain a portion of their token supply through random draws facilitated by their luck machine.

Innovative Product Offering

Departing from traditional meme coins that promise future utilities, Lucky Catoshi offers an immediate, functional product. Users can engage with the luck machine, akin to a slot machine, to potentially transform their fortunes. Participation is free, with daily spins available and additional spins earned through referrals or tweets, ensuring inclusivity for all users.

Launch on Base Chain

Launching on the Base chain by Coinbase, Lucky Catoshi aligns with the current trend of onchain developments, utilizing the Base chain's growing popularity and infrastructure.

Future Features

Lucky Catoshi is set to expand with future features like a wishing well, offering more spins and luck-based games. The project is committed to providing an innovative and fun experience without resorting to gambling or requiring users to spend $LUCK coins to play.

Project Key Facts

  • Token Supply: 1 billion $LUCK tokens
  • Blockchain: Base
  • Strategic Partnerships: Collaborations with for AI-generated Lucky Catoshi memes and for streamlined user onboarding

For more information, users can visit or follow Lucky Catoshi on

Media Lead
Katherine Lim
[email protected]


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