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Holdstation Receives 7-Figure Investment for AI Wallet Development from SNZ Capital, Summer Ventures, and EVG Ventures

SNZ Capital, Summer Ventures, and EVG Ventures have confirmed a 7-figure investment in Phase 2 of Holdstation, marking a major milestone in the development of its smart AI wallets. This strategic infusion of capital will drive the creation of smart AI wallets, merging advanced artificial intelligence with simplified blockchain interactions to redefine how users manage their portfolios.

Following the implementation of Account Abstraction, Holdstation has seen significant user growth, cementing its position as the top Account Abstraction wallet and perpetual DEX on zkSync. This strategic move enhances transaction simplicity and security, establishing Holdstation as a frontrunner in blockchain technology.

Holdstation’s commitment to enhancing the Web3 ecosystem through innovative technology aligns seamlessly with the strategic visions of SNZ Capital, Summer Ventures, and EVG Ventures. This partnership leverages their combined expertise to further grow the Web3 space, particularly within AI, perpetual DEX, and wallet segments.

Focused on developing AI for advanced portfolio management and streamlining the digital wallet experience, Holdstation is poised to lead pivotal innovations that will transform user interactions in Web3. SNZ Capital, Summer Ventures, and EVG Ventures bring valuable experience in financial and marketing strategy, making them ideal partners to drive Holdstation’s initiatives.

The investment from SNZ Capital, Summer Ventures, and EVG Ventures strengthens Holdstation's position as a premier Web3 wallet that integrates artificial intelligence and trading. This is set to accelerate the broad adoption of Web3 wallets with trading features across all blockchains, smoothing the transition from Web2 to Web3.

"Partnering with SNZ Capital, Summer Ventures, and EVG Ventures feels like a natural step forward. They've been Ethereum enthusiasts since the early days, and their deep roots in the global community give us an incredible advantage. This partnership is not only about funding but also about starting a journey together that opens up significant opportunities and resources, helping us grow and innovate faster than ever. We're all in for an exciting ride," said Trung Banh, Co-Founder and CPO of Holdstation.

"By backing Holdstation’s Phase 2, we are not just investing in technology; we are investing in a vision that places user empowerment at the forefront of financial services," added Gavin, Investment Partner of SNZ Capital.

Together with SNZ Capital, Summer Ventures, and EVG Ventures, whose expertise in financial and marketing strategies is unmatched, Holdstation is well-equipped to lead transformative changes that enhance user accessibility and experience across the Web3 landscape.

About Holdstation

Designed for simplicity and user convenience, Holdstation integrates Account Abstraction with its signature perpetual DEX, Holdstation Defutures, on zkSync. The platform also features the Holdstation Wallet for next-generation Web3 interactions and zkStarter, a zkSync-native launchpad. Aimed at bridging the gap between complex blockchain technology and straightforward Web2 applications, Holdstation offers a seamless and user-friendly trading experience.

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