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GALACTIX is Now Live: Where Crypto Casino Meets Gaming

Press Release:

Tortola, British Virgin Islands, June 6th, 2024, Chainwire

With a long awaited anticipation, June 3rd marked a groundbreaking moment in the world of online entertainment as announced the official launch crypto-gaming casino platform. This platform brings a new style of gaming to the casino world along with classic favorites, unique visuals and the exciting world of cryptocurrency.

Galactix is designed for the rapidly growing community of crypto enthusiasts and online gamers seeking a more engaging and transparent environment. By integrating blockchain technology, Galactix ensures that every transaction is secure, fast, and verifiable, providing players with a high level of trust and fairness. Fully licensed and registered, the Galactix founding team shows decades of experience across the technology, casino, and blockchain industries.

"We are incredibly excited to launch Galactix," said Fay Louise Hayden, Chief Marketing Officer of Galactix. “Our team has worked tirelessly to create an innovative platform that not only offers a wide variety and diversity of games but also prioritizes the safety and enjoyment of our players. We can't wait for our community to experience what we have built."

Features of Galactix:

● Narrative-Driven Exploration: Players are taken on an exciting journey of space adventure, where conquering galaxies and exploring new worlds leads to great rewards.

● Generous Rewards System: Offering players the chance to receive up to 70% back through cash incentives, specialized tokens, and exclusive VIP perks.

● Native Token: Galactix introduces its native token, GLX, with unique tokenomics and a deflationary strategy that aims to enhance value and demand. GLX is set to be traded publicly in the near future.

● Dividends & Earnings Opportunities: GLX holders can earn through dividends and referrals, offering a new approach in the gaming industry.

VIP Program: A multi-level VIP Program rewards the most dedicated players with generous perks.

About Galactix

Founded in 2023, Galactix is committed to providing top-quality entertainment through innovative and engaging online gaming experiences. With a focus on fairness, security, and customer satisfaction, the company is on a mission to set new standards in the crypto casino and gaming industries.

For more information and to create an account, users can visit or join the Galactix Group on Telegram for announcements and special offers. 

Galactix is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

Chief Marketing Officer
Fay Louise Hayden
[email protected]


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