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PR: Top Altcoin investments from 2020 Revealed

Profit Time Machine reveals the best alternative investments to Bitcoin

During the Covid pandemic more and more casual investors have turned to cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin and other altcoins proving more popular than gold and stocks as viable investments. Elon Musk’s continued comments and support for crypto has also seen market adoption increase in larger numbers than ever.

The Profit Time Machine, as featured on CoinJournal, allows you to select a cryptocurrency, an amount of capital and any date in the past, and shows you what that investment would be worth today. Conveniently, it also reveals how much you would have made if you’d invested the same amount in some of the most popular stocks instead. So if you’ve been left wondering ‘What if?’, check out this handy tool to get your answer!

Profit Time Machine

In a recent article, Coinjournal explored some of the best investments in altcoins and how much an investment made 12 months ago would be worth today. Last March saw one of the most severe crashes in the cryptocurrency market, with the months that followed presenting some of the greatest growth rates ever in the cryptocurrency market as the new bull run began.

A notable gainer was Binance Coin, which managed to grow from $9.28 to $264 — representing an increase of 2,747%.

Other big winners were Chainlink, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Cardano.



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