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PR: Join the Trading Experience with KapitalEU

If you heard about trading before but never had the guts to try it, thinking that it would be too difficult, then maybe KapitalEU can change your view.

Trading is actually a lot easier if you work with a friendly and reliable platform. And if you know what you are doing, then increasing your wealth will be a piece of cake.

Keep reading below and find out what are some of KapitalEU’s features.

What is KapitalEU?

KapitalEU is an online trading platform created with the aim of encouraging everyone to try this simple way of generating revenue. This is why they put so much accent on creating a relationship with their clients and making them feel safe.

When we talk about safety, we don’t mean just their SSL encryption – but their involvement in users’ needs. KapitalEU provides people with 24/5 support and a personal account manager. So if you are not sure about something, you are free to ask before taking action.

It is a platform that teaches you financial responsibility in addition to how to trade. This is also why they provide you with information about what stocks are the best in the market and with an economic calendar.

Their economic calendar keeps you up to date with all the major economic events, whether they are official announcements or business news.


What can you trade on KapitalEU?

KapitalEU offers a wide variety of trading options, so that you can choose what is best for you. Some of them are the following:

  • Stocks - This is the most common type of trading. You practically buy and sell shares in a company, making you a part of the company itself. It is a win-win for every party.
  • Raw materials - You can trade oil, coffee, wheat, and even some processed raw materials like gold, silver, and platinum.
  • Currencies - The forex market is definitely the most engaging type of trading, since you take advantage of the constant changes in the values of currencies around the world. You need to always be up to date.
  • Indices - Those are a lot less volatile than the other ones, and they are suitable for those who don’t like to be at risk – looking for stability.

How friendly is the platform?

KapitalEU can be accessed on any type of platform – Web, Desktop or Mobile. All their features can be accessed after registering and opening an account.

To sign up, you only need to introduce your name, email, and password, alongside choosing the country you are from and the currency you want to work with (Euro or British Pound). Confirm your registration via email and that’s it.

Furthermore, you have five account options to choose from, each of them with a key benefit:

  • Beginner – a minimum deposit of just 250 euros and a personal account manager;
  • Advanced – 25% discount on swaps and market change emails;
  • Expert – 45% discount and an advanced trainer consultant;
  • VIP – negotiable discount on swaps and P2P trade;
  • Islamic account – 100% real-time market execution.

None of them require deposit fees, which is a big plus compared to other trading platforms.

No matter what type of account or trading type you choose, one thing is for sure – KapitalEU can help you get the best revenues, increasing your wealth with just a few clicks. 



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