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PR: FOTA Announces Strategic Partnerships With GHAF Capital Partners and NewTribe Capital

According to current trends of the crypto industry, it seems that 2022 will be the year of metaverse, blockchain games, and NFTs. New projects that combine all three of these are emerging all the time, with one of the most exciting new examples being FOTA — Fight Of The Ages

The project recently announced a strategic partnership with two very important entities — GHAF Capital Partners and NewTribe Capital.

As some may already know, GHAF Capital Partners is one of the fastest-growing and oldest blockchain venture capital funds. It is based in Dubai, and as of 2022, it holds over $65 million in assets under management. So far, the fund has invested $13 million in various blockchain projects and companies, such as Epik, 1inch, Guild of Guardians, Polygon, and more. Now, it teamed up with FOTA, which indicates that it sees potential in the project.

As for NewTribe Capital, this is another Dubai-based venture capital fund, and it is growth-oriented. Its goal is to help projects with the listing on pretty much any Tier 1 and 2 exchanges, such as Bitmart, MCEX, KuCoin, and more. Now, the fund also offered its support to FOTA, which might mean that the project’s native cryptocurrency might soon find its way to some of the most popular CEXes in the industry.

FOTA Announces Strategic Partnerships With GHAF Capital Partners and NewTribe Capital

What is FOTA about?

FOTA, or Fight Of The Ages, is a project that utilizes the most advanced emerging technologies, such as the metaverse, Microsoft Mesh, and more, to introduce a fantastic 3D world, heroes, new lands, items, and an exciting story.


As mentioned, FOTA uses the metaverse — a new major blockchain trend that only started to explode in late 2021. Through metaverse, real and virtual collide, and FOTA is using it to deliver the best 3D game experience and empower players to roleplay, make unique characters, unlike any other out there in the world, and have fun as they explore a new way to play games.

The project is integrated with the MOBA-RPG genre which allows players to interact with others in the FOTA metaverse in real-time. Furthermore, it is powered by Mixer Dreality by Microsoft.

It relies on Microsoft Mesh that empowers users to connect to the FOTA metaverse at any time, from any place, and with any device at their disposal. Then, once they are in, they can easily interact with other players. The available heroes come from three different worlds — The Earth, The Greenland, and The Nightmare.

The worlds

As mentioned, there are three different worlds from which heroes can come and countless others that remain to be explored. The Greenland is the land of Eternity, where the god-like creatures called the Omni came from. It is also home to Dragon. 

The Earth is the Ultimate Civilization, where Human, Elf, and Keen races live side by side. As for The Nightmare, it is a wasteland — cold, dark, cruel, and home to only the darkest creatures, such as Beast, Ogre, and Demon.


Each player has to become their unique hero to start the journey and enter the metaverse. Every hero is born with their own power, their own backstory, and their own mission and goals. Some heroes might be fighting for justice, to protect the balance of the world, while others may be tasked with leading a war of extermination of other races. 

The game allows you to strengthen your hero with various items, which is where the NFTs come in. Through NFTs, players can obtain weapons, skins, equipment, and more. They can then rent them to others (or from others), exchange them for another item, or simply sell it. Otherwise, they can have their hero use it to become stronger.

The story

The FOTA metaverse has 3 worlds that consist of a total of 30 lands. Each land is encrypted and assigned a unique NFT. In order to conquer the land and rule it, heroes need to become powerful and take the lead.

In this land, there is something called Aether — the ultimate energy source that creates all the matters in this universe. It originated in The Greenland, and the entire universe is seeking it to protect it from the onslaught coming from The Nightmare. Omni and the Dragon were trying to protect it, while the Ogre army led by the Demon was trying to destroy it. Then, just as all hope appeared to be lost, the Omni came to Earth to forge an alliance with Elf and Human, and the battle for the future of the three worlds continues.

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