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PlayMining Developer DEA Brings GameFi To Japan With DEP Token & NFT Marketplace Launch

The Singaporean GameFi company behind the emerging PlayMining metaverse has announced that it’s expanding its business operations into Japan ahead of a wider global expansion. 

Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) is the creator of the PlayMining metaverse, a Web3 ecosystem of play-to-earn video games that allows players to earn rewards in digital assets. So-called P2E games see players complete daily tasks and challenges, or battle one another, to earn cryptocurrency tokens - in DEA’s case, DEAPcoin - which can then be traded for Bitcoin and sold for fiat cash. 

Through this unique economic mode, the most dedicated gamers can potentially earn a living from playing games, or at least generate enough cash to help pay the bills. 

It’s proving popular too, with DEA’s first title JobTribes, a classic card trading battle game boasting more than 22,000 monthly active users and currently sitting at 9th place in DappRadar’s overall blockchain game rankings

DEA’s fame comes in part from its close association with the legendary Japanese manga artist Fujiwara Kamui, on whom the PlayMining metaverse’s first “creator nation” is based. The Fujiwara Kamui Nation is one of several planned creator nations in the PlayMining verse, based on the concept of “Genesis of the Earth, a world where gods and goddesses coexist with humans”.

As part of its expansion into Japan, DEA said it has now launched its native DEP token on the BITPOINT exchange. It’s also planning to launch a new NFT marketplace where players will be able to acquire NFTs necessary to play its games and explore its metaverse. Moreover, in the second half of the year it’s planning a massive expansion of its games catalog with new titles such as Cookin’ Burger, Graffiti Racer and Menya Dragon Ramen all set to launch during Q3. 

DEA will also expand its metaverse with new creator nations built by manga artists Ami Shibata and Ume, it said. 

DEA believes its expansion of P2E games in Japan will provide genuine opportunities for video games lovers to generate some additional income. It is even going as far as to create a special program in cooperation with the nonprofit organization Kosotsu Shien Kai to support gamers who lack high school degrees, and therefore struggle to find well paid work, it said.  

The initiative has attracted a key supporter in the shape of Japan’s former minister of justice Takashi Yamashita of the Liberal Democratic party, who is a well-known proponent of the country’s ambitions to pursue Web3 development. 

“As we endeavor to make a big splash in the market, we are proud to have the support of the Liberal Democratic Party and local organizations like Kosotsu Shien Kai that believe in the immense potential of Web3 ecosystems,” said DEA CEO Kozo Yamada. 



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