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Online Bitcoin Dice Games

People have been playing dice games for decades. The oldest known dice were discovered at Burnt City, a South-East Iran site, as part of a backgammon-like game. Thus, they've been around since around 2,800 BC! Dice games have progressed from board games to casino games through the years. There are also dice games available on the internet nowadays.

The Bitcoin dice game is one of the most common types of Bitcoin gambling. It provides limitless possibilities, and on this page, you can learn all there is to know about Bitcoin dice games.

Dice games are just as common today as they have always been, so it's no surprise that you'll find them in online casinos. One of the first applications of Bitcoin was online gambling, and the Bitcoin dice game was born as a result. The number of places where you can play Bitcoin dice has increased as many online casinos now embrace cryptocurrency.

Several dice gambling games lend themselves well to Bitcoin betting. At least one dice game will be available at most Bitcoin online casinos.

Dice games with Bitcoins are safe. They also employ sophisticated technologies to ensure the highest level of justice. In contrast to a live game, you won't have to worry about loaded dice.

Using Bitcoin to play dice is extremely secure. Bitcoin transactions are completely private. You can also register and play anonymously in some cases. The Blockchain, which has yet to be compromised, is used to make deposits and withdrawals. Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals are instantaneous, making them a safer alternative to conventional methods, which can take up to a week or longer.

Online Bitcoin Dice Games

Types of Bitcoin Dice Games

You can bet on hundreds of different forms of dice games with Bitcoin, but some of them are largely unknown. A brief overview of the most common dice games that allow players to win free bitcoin can be found below.

Sic Bo: This is a popular Chinese dice game that is played by millions of people all over the world. The game is similar to traditional high/low dice games but with an Asian twist. You bet on the scores of players based on the outcomes of three dice. This gives you a wide range of bets to choose from, as well as a large number of payouts. If you want to learn more about Sic Bo, visit our dedicated page.

Craps: Arguably, crap is the granddaddy of dice games. If you go to any casino in the globe with a craps table, you'll find the most action. Bitcoin craps work in the same way as traditional craps, with outcomes determined by the numbers rolled by the player. At the craps table, you can place hundreds of different bets with differing odds depending on the scoring combinations bet. More details on Craps dice game rules can be found on our Craps page.

Standard hi/lo: the is the most basic bitcoin dice game. You bet on whether the sum of the two dice would be higher or lower than a specific number, as the name implies. It's not the most thrilling dice game, but it's very simple to learn, and you can play a lot of crypto games in a short amount of time, making it ideal for a fast bet.

Bitcoin Dice Game Platforms

Fortune Jack: this is one of the top crypto betting sites, and it also has a bitcoin dice game. The betting site is well-known for its user-friendliness and promotions, which give customers more chances to win money. Bonuses and reload deals are bonuses that add additional bitcoin to your deposited bitcoin depending on the amount you deposit. To use Fortune Jack, you must first register, after which you will receive 25 free spins as a welcome bonus.

Edgeless Bitcoin Dice Game: Edgeless is a cryptocurrency dice game that debuted in 2018. The site was the first online casino to operate with Ethereum technology, leveraging the maximum potential of blockchain-powered smart contracts. With the Random Number Generator (RNG) running in less than a second, Edgeless' bitcoin dice game is one of the quickest smart contract options on the market right now. There are two betting choices in the dice game: manual and automatic.

Cyber Dice: CyberDice is a spin-off of the classic bitcoin dice game with a twist. Cyberdice, which debuted in 2017 under the OneHash name, is known for its commitment to only bitcoin dice games, allowing it to be creative with game styles and gameplay. Cyberdice could be right for you if you're looking for a dice-only platform with fast gameplay.

Bitcoin Dice Strategy

You can almost certainly learn about different betting strategies while playing Bitcoin dice. If you want to play with a betting strategy, make sure you thoroughly study and learn it. The Martingale strategy, for example, is successful and has proven lucrative for some players. Don't make the mistake of simply doubling your bet every time you lose. It's the same as betting on a winning streak. Before you try out the dice technique that other players are using, make sure you understand what they're doing. This will mean that you have the greatest chance of winning. Below are a few famous strategies:

The Paroli Strategy: The dice Paroli strategy is a technique that allows players to maximize winning streaks while minimizing defeats. Players set a base stake and then double it for each win until they have three consecutive wins.

The Martingale Strategy: Martingale strategy players steadily raise the amount they bet when they are on a losing streak, a tried and tested strategy from the 1700s. The theory behind this tactic is that if the player wins, the increased bets will offset the losses incurred during the losing streak.

The Inverse Martingale Strategy: As you might expect, this is the inverse of the traditional Martingale technique. During a winning streak, rather than a losing streak, players decrease their wagering size, maximizing the profits from a good win.

The D'Alembert Strategy: After each consecutive roll, this simple strategy simply increases your bet sum by 1x.



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