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Official Apology from

We would like to issue an official apology to all members of the cryptocommunity. We apologize that we have listed cryptocurrency casinos on our site. As of 3 April 2019, we have removed our Cryptocurrency Casino List and all cryptocurrency casinos featured in it from our site.

Why remove them?

Recently, it became law that European forex trading platforms (such as IG) had to present data on how many of their traders that lost money, as opposed to made money, at their platform when trading CFDs. On 12 February 2019, IG announced that 81% of all their retail investors lose money.

This figure is without a doubt way higher at online casinos. However, online casinos are not under any legal requirement to announce how many of their players lose money. A reasonable assumption, confirmed by inside industry information, is that at least 90% of the players at online casinos lose money.

We then asked ourselves – do we really want to send people to sites where they, with more than 90% likelihood, will lose money?

The answer was no.

Our ambition is to open the doors to the cryptocurrency world to everyone, to help out with exposing scams and ultimately to grow the cryptocommunity. Listing exchanges, wallets, debit cards and merchants achieves that ambition. Listing online casinos does not.

Why did we list them in the first place?

When starting a site from scratch, every dollar counts. For us, every dollar still does. In the desperation to make money that we could cover operating costs with, we searched high and low for profitable affiliate deals. Needless to say, there are plenty of them in the online casino industry. So, we concluded that we should list online casinos, so that we could make money from referring customers and use that money to pay operating costs.

With the information we now have at hand, we deeply regret that decision. And we apologize for making it.

Cryptowisser today

We want to be a company that focuses on being to the benefit of members of the cryptocommunity. Not a company that focuses on profiting from members of the cryptocommunity. Naturally, we hope that our focus in the end also becomes profitable for us. But never at the expense of us being true to our main mission.

Today, runs the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange list – listing close to 400 different exchanges with individual reviews for all of them. No other list in the world even comes close to those numbers or to being so comprehensive.

We also have three additional list categories: a cryptocurrency wallet list, a cryptocurrency merchant list and a cryptocurrency debit card list.

Happy to receive your feedback

Again, we would like to issue an official apology that we up until 3 April 2019 listed cryptocurrency casinos on our site. We have now removed them all.

We would love to hear whether you think this is the right action or not. Whether the official apology is warranted or not. However, we will not, based on your feedback, change our decision. Nevertheless, we are always humble to hear the views of other members of the cryptocommunity.

Thank you all in advance.


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