Polygon Labs Submits Proposal To Become Celo’s New Layer-2 Blockchain

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Polygon Labs has submitted a proposal to become Celo’s new layer-2 blockchain, competing with Optimism’s OP Labs for the opportunity.


  • Polygon Labs has submitted a proposal to become Celo’s new layer-2 blockchain.

  • Celo had previously chosen Optimism’s OP Stack as its layer-2 blockchain. 

Polygon Wants To Become Celo’s New Layer-2 Blockchain

Celo is preparing to ditch its standalone blockchain in favor of a new "layer-2" network atop Ethereum. As Celo looks to migrate to the Ethereum network, there is competition to provide technology to the project. 

Celo had previously chosen Optimism's OP Stack for its migration, but Polygon has now thrown its hat into the ring. Sandeep Nailwal, the co-founder of Polygon Labs, submitted a proposal to the Celo community earlier this week, proposing that the blockchain leverage Polygon’s Chain Development Kit – a codebase that developers can use to create their own customizable layer-2 chains powered by zero-knowledge technology.

If Celo goes with Polygon, it would be ditching Optimism's OP Stack, a similar customizable kit that makes use of Optimism’s “optimistic” technology. Celo previously announced the migration in July and declared interest in using Optimism’s technology. 

Optimism’s OP Stack is quite popular within the cryptocurrency space as Coinbase’s new Base blockchain is built on the OP Stack. 

While commenting on this latest development, OP Labs CEO Karl Floersch stated,

"Projects expanding into L2 strengthen the entire ecosystem, and we're all working towards the same mission. The Celo community will evaluate its options and make a decision, and we’re excited to soon welcome them to the L2 community."

With Polygon Labs submitting a proposal, other project teams might also float their competing offers for Celo. 

While responding to Nailwal's proposal, Celo co-founder Rene Reinsberg said they are looking forward to Polygon Labs discussing the proposal further with the cLabs team and the broader community.



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