MetaMask Users Can Now Check Airdrop Eligibility and NFT Claims Via App

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MetaMask has integrated Daylight’s API to enable its users to check their airdrop and NFT-claim eligibility via its Explore page.


  • MetaMask integrates with Daylight to enable users to check their airdrop and NFT eligibility.

  • Users can check their eligibility across multiple blockchains. 

MetaMask Integrates with Daylight

Web3 wallet MetaMask announced earlier this week that it has integrated with Daylight API, allowing users to find and claim airdrops and NFTs easily on the “Explore” page in MetaMask Portfolio.

Currently, the feature is supported across multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum, Base, Zora and Polygon.

In its blog post, MetaMask said,

"Your favorite dapp decentralized and dropped a token? Don’t remember if you missed out on any that are still valid? Check “Eligible Airdrops” to find out."

Airdrop and NFT-claim eligibility can be viewed on MetaMask’s explore page. The Daylight API suggests unique NFT recommendations for users based on various social factors such as if they are on an allowlist hold a required token or hold a related token. The API also considers if the user has minted a different token from the same creator or if an NFT was minted by someone they follow on Farcaster.


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