Disney Lists Job Posting Hinting At Plans For NFT And Crypto Adoption

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The Walk Disney Company posted a job list on Friday, seeking legal counsel regarding a move into the Web3 space

The Walk Disney Company posted a job list on Friday, seeking legal counsel regarding a move into the Web3 space. The company needs principal counsel specializing in non-fungible tokens (NFT) and decentralized finance (DeFi), as it expands its Web3 strategy across the Disney ecosystem. 

Job Opportunities For Disney In Web3 

A full-time position has become available in the legal department of Walk Disney, requiring an experienced corporate attorney to "work on transactions involving emerging technologies, including NFTs, blockchain, metaverse and decentralized finance." 

The company seeks guidance on “global NFT products” which supports the company’s business branches, which include Disney Media and Disney Parks, Experiences and Products. The world-renowned company also hopes the new employee will be able to ensure the company's operations in the Web3 space comply with the US and international laws and regulations, specifically to "evaluate securities law issues in connection with the promotion and sale of NFTs."

The job listing also discusses vetting NFT projects, blockchain networks, third-party marketplaces, and cloud providers and offering legal guidance on digital currency and blockchain technology. The position also mentions the recruit would  "partner with business teams as they plan new global emerging technology projects, typically on an accelerated and aggressive timeline."

Disney’s Growing Interest In Web3

Disney has been actively hiring Web3-focused executives as it looks to integrate crypto initiatives into its many business branches. In February, the company appointed a media and tech strategy, Mike White as senior vice president of next-generation storytelling and consumer experiences, which was part of the company’s ambition to enter the metaverse. 

Then, in June, the company took on former Apple gaming executive Mark Bozon as its vice president of next-generation storytelling. Variety reported saying that Bozon would be responsible for business areas such as "gaming, film, TV, toys, parks and more." Disney said its metaverse strategy would span digital, physical, and virtual experiences.

In July, Disney announced its accelerator program, focusing on "building the future of immersive experiences”. The program would include layer-2 blockchain network Polygon, Web3 social app FlickPlay, and storytelling platform Lockerverse, among other projects. 

It’s clear that Disney has an eye on a blockchain Web3-based future and is making all the right moves to ensure it’s at the forefront. 


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