Banksters’ Token to List on Leading Crypto Exchanges

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$BARS, the native token of the Banksters ecosystem, has successfully launched on multiple crypto exchanges, making it available to millions of users globally.

Banksters, the pioneering trading game that is gamifying financial education through the integration of NFTs, announced on Thursday, May 30th, that its $BARS utility token will soon be listed on several leading cryptocurrency exchanges. 

In a press release shared with Cryptowisser, Banksters said its native token will become available for trading on no less than five exchanges starting today. $BARS will be listed on MEXC, BingX and Surprize CEX. 

The token is crucial to the operation of the Banksters ecosystem as it provides users with utilities that elevate the gaming, investment, and educational experience. 

While commenting on the token launch, Alexandru Carbunariu, CEO and CMO of Banksters, said,

"Listing $BARS on major exchanges is a significant milestone that will increase accessibility to our ecosystem. Our gamified approach educates everyday users on financial concepts through immersive trading experiences, while the $BARS token creates real utility and incentives tied to economic principles. In addition to the game and token, players also have opportunities in the form of contests on our social networks in partnership with other projects. This, together with the completely open and new approach on the tokenomics, provides the opportunity to really evaluate their future perspective”.

The Banksters game allows players to mine for in-game tokens using default mining equipment, with the opportunity to earn real crypto rewards during “investment run” events. The amount of entries a player can have is proportional to the prize pool comprising actual cryptocurrency. 

The team revealed that its native token is used as an entry fee for certain investment runs and simulated trading experiences powered by real-world market data. $BARS is also used to level up Banksters NFT characters, upgrade mining rigs, and mint new Banksters.

The game is available via browsers and also Google Play. The token launch comes shortly after the team successfully conducted $BARS token sales through leading launchpad platforms BullPerks, Games Pad, and StormGain.

The token sold out on all three venues, with 1 million BARS ($40,000 USDT) sold on GamesPad, 4 million ($160,000 USDT) on BullPerks, and 8.75 million ($350,000 USDT) on StormGain, the team added.

Banksters is a simulator and trading game that incorporates NFT technology to offer an immersive experience that gamifies common elements of our everyday lives. The platform expands on this niche genre by successfully ‘gamifying’ trading, making it more accessible and enjoyable for a diverse audience, including traditional gamers.


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