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In our Cryptocurrency Merchant List, we list an extensive number of cryptocurrency merchants where you can buy goods or services for cryptocurrency. This is a review of LinksManagement, one of the cryptocurrency merchants in our database.

LinksManagement is a merchant based in the U.S. dealing with professional link-building services and SEO-advice. The company has been around for a long time but in its current shape and under its current name, since 2009.

The company started as a reaction to not being happy with the link building companies out there, from a customer perspective. They researched more than 6,000 SEO-companies (primarily based in USA and the United Kingdom), to find an adequate link building service. The research took 3 months and costed around USD 50,000, and the saddening results were: there are no professional link building companies that to an effective price can improve your Google rankings in the long term. The only companies that did provide quality results required your budget to be up in the area of USD 50,000 per month.

Ergo, LinksManagement launched in 2009 with the following ambitions:

  • Provide high quality backlinks;
  • Significantly increase the Google rank of the customers using the services;
  • Be cost-effective;
  • Provide outstanding customer support.

Today, LinksManagement is one of the absolutely most prominent link building companies in the world with customers from all over. Notably customers include Mashable, Wired, Hacker News and Techradar.

This merchant offers SEO-advice and link building services. By doing so, they help customers boost their traffic to their websites. The ambition is always to get to the top 10 on Google.

The ambitions is effectuated primarily by offering you to purchase backlinks from LinksManagement’s link directory. They have more than 8 million pages that you can buy links from, and many of them have Domain Authority ratings between DA40 and DA100.

The questions “what is the price” should really be divided into two parts:

  • What does the links cost?
  • What does it cost me to get to the top 10 on Google?

The first question has no “one fits all”-answer. It’s like walking into a clothing store and asking “what does a clothing item cost here?”. The price of a link depends on such link’s domain’s Domain Authority, Page Authority, how many other outlinks the domain has, if you want the link to be do-follow or no-follow, if you want it to be permanent (one time price) or monthly (subscription based monthly price) and numerous other aspects.

So, to answer the question of what a link costs is impossible. But it is essentially everything from 1 cent (USD 0.01) per link up to USD 1,253.49 per link.

Next question, what does it cost to get to top 10 on Google isn’t easy to answer either. It primarily depends on the competition you have in your industry. As an example, the company says that it could be “USD 50-200” per month for a company based in Delhi or Australia (presumably they mean with local competition), or USD 500-1,000 per month for companies based in USA, United Kingdom or Canada as the competition is much tougher there.

LinksManagement has a very impressive selection of accepted payment methods. We dare you to find an online payment method that doesn’t work.

As for cryptocurrencies, you can always pay with the following 9 at LinksManagement:

Not only are they accepted, you receive a 15% bonus when depositing cryptocurrencies! Holders of cryptocurrencies are therefore incentivized to pay with crypto instead of fiat currency. This must mean that LinksManagement has a bright outlook on the cryptocurrency market’s future development.

If you have any other cryptocurrency and you want to pay for links with it, is it impossible? No, not at all. However, you need to contact LinksManagement’s customer support first and receive their prior approval.


We hope you have found this review of LinksManagement to be useful. Visit LinksManagement’s website now.