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Quarantined? Here's How You Can Keep Earning

In just a few weeks, many of us had our work routine completely turned on its head, and if you never had to work from the house before, you suddenly had to adjust to a completely different set of rules. It also doesn't help that the kids are stuck at home as well, and if you have a full household, it may be a bit jarring – but despite the many challenges, it's time you refocus and boost your earning potential.

In this article, we look at strategies that anybody can use during the Coronavirus lockdown to stay active and find ways to improve your productivity. Here are five tips for thriving during the coronavirus crisis:

1. Staying productive under quarantine

With the lockdown currently in place in most cities, now is a good time to evaluate the way you do certain things. So, for instance, your work schedule can be amended to maximize productivity in the mornings (or afternoons, if you prefer), and you can also go online and order a bunch of tools to help with setting up your home office. Having the right tools for your trade can make a huge difference; particularly in a time when most industries are changing the way they do things. When setting up a remote office, you may need tools like:

  • Zoom - for high-quality video conferencing
  • Asana - for your project management
  • Slack - to keep track of your conversations

Having these tools and the proper mindset will ultimately make you more productive and create the foundation for long-term success in anything that you do. Just remember to keep track of your mental and emotional health - to prevent you crashing after weeks of being locked indoors.

2. Engage your hobbies

With so much extra time on your hands, it makes sense to go back to some of the activities that make you happy. Do you enjoy cooking? Search the internet for interesting recipes that you can try with your partner or family. Similarly, if YouTube channels are your area of interest, find ways to engage with people and share your thoughts on your own channel. Other hobbies that can bring you some peace of mind during this time include:

  • Painting
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Spending time with family
  • Cleaning
  • Exercising

These are useful activities that engage your time, energy, emotions, imagination; and allow you to disconnect from the current crisis. Find something you enjoy doing and make it part of your regular routine.

3. Money is going to be tighter

As you can imagine, it’s not just your industry that has experienced a slow-down in business. Most people are going to feel the pinch, and as the year progresses, we're going to have to adjust our spending based on how much we're earning. The best thing you can do for your finances is make these adjustments earlier on, rather than wait until things get worse. If budgeting isn't one of your strong points, then its a good thing you have all the free time in the world. Go online and look for apps that help with budgeting, and try implementing some changes to your finances, so that you have enough to last you a while.

4. Players switching from land-based casinos to online casinos

Covid-19 has been a major problem for the casino industry, with most of the usual hotspots (Las Vegas, Macau, Atlantic City) currently shut down to facilitate the ongoing social distancing rule. As more people got stuck in the house from the quarantine, the number of people visiting online casinos grew significantly, and up until this moment, millions of people are checking into these platforms for online casino gaming, lotteries, sports betting, and other offerings from the comfort of their homes. There are hundreds of casino websites online that have instant gaming and software that you can download onto your phone or computer to play all your favorite casino games, plus many more features.

Quarantine Entertainment

5. Online casinos thrive during pandemic

Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that the coronavirus spreads more quickly when people are gathered together in large numbers. So, until this virus has been eliminated, online casinos are the safest bet for anybody looking to have some fun playing casino games. The rapid rise of smartphone users has made it possible for casinos to reinvent the way people experience casino games, and with many states still on lockdown, virtual technology is the only way for people to bring players from all over the world under one platform.



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