Top 10 Crypto Marketing Agencies For Crypto Exchanges July, 2024

Last updated May 31, 2024
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Written by Nikolas Sargeant

As crypto gains steam in 2024, finding marketing partners who speak the language can be game-changers for brands seeking real growth. Specialized crypto marketing agencies with skin in the game know this terrain better than anyone. They live and breathe communities, trends, tech - you name it.

Whether you're prepping a startup launch or boosting an established brand, having seasoned guides in your corner matters. The top players anticipate what's ahead around the bend and keep clients there. Choose wisely, and they've got your back at every trajectory point - from getting initial eyeballs on your business to expanding usage and beyond.

In an ever-noisy space where standing out is the name of the game, it pays to have your messaging and positioning down to a science. This list showcases ten standouts poised to kick growth into overdrive in 2024. Take your pick based on the specifics and let real results speak for themselves.

What exactly are crypto marketing agencies all about? Basically, they're specialized firms that are focused on promoting and expanding blockchain and crypto brands. These guys deeply understand all the twists and turns of the crypto space - and use that inside expertise to help clients score wins. 

In simple terms, a crypto marketing agency offers a stacked menu of services tailored to whatever clients need across all stages. We're talking services like:

  • PR and media outreach: Leveraging connections with big-time crypto journalists and influencers to land quality coverage.
  • Content creation: Building top-notch content across blogs, whitepapers, videos and more to inform and attract communities.
  • Social media and community building: Crafting social strategies to create real, engaged followings on key platforms like Twitter and Telegram
  • Influencer collaborations: Forming strategic partnerships with aligned influencers to tap into new audiences
  • Paid advertising: Running and optimizing targeted ad campaigns across platforms like Facebook and Google.

The goal is to provide a customized one-stop shop to drive growth in the crypto wild west. By taking the time to get specific goals and roadblocks, they custom-fit plans to nail the channels and tactics that will work best.

Now, some crypto marketing agencies stand out more than others. And a few focus on particular aspects of crypto marketing or certain regions. So in this article, we’ll highlight the top ten agencies, call out what they specialize in, and determine what kinds of clients they'd be a good fit for.

Chainstory is a full-service, results-driven crypto marketing agency that offers a wide range of capabilities for its clients. These range from content marketing and thought leadership, all the way to online reputation and Reddit marketing.

They particularly excel in strategic blockchain public relations and compelling narrative development. By combining a talented team of storytellers with deep knowledge of the crypto space, Chainstory creates powerful narratives that drive awareness and credibility for brands. They understand what angles resonate in this fast-paced industry, and they know what turns the head of Web3 audiences.

On top of this, Chainstory leverages an extensive media rolodex to secure impactful coverage in leading crypto and mainstream outlets. From precise messaging to attentive media outreach, they position clients as forward-thinking leaders. Yet, arguably the most unique thing about Chainstory is their pricing model.

The agency operates on a results-driven model. Instead of having to come up with a retainer, Chainstory simply asks its clients to pay for what they deliver. This approach means businesses only invest marketing dollars into tangible outcomes.

  • BIT Exchange
  • Exchange
  • Exchange
  • Unizen Exchange

NinjaPromo is a full-stack digital marketing agency fueling rapid growth for B2B, Fintech, crypto, NFT and startup brands. While well-versed across the entire digital landscape, paid media and advertising are the agency's forté.

Their team of ROI-focused media buyers have the proven methodologies to scale campaigns that multiply revenue. With extensive paid social and influencer marketing expertise, NinjaPromo amplifies awareness and sales through laser-targeted ads and strategic influencer initiatives buzzing across the web.

For brands seeking next-level returns from their marketing spend, NinjaPromo brings the paid media firepower - from detailed targeting to creative testing to performance optimization. Their analysts aim to squeeze every last drop of value from budgets to hit KPIs. 

  • LISK
  • CEEK

EAK Digital is a full-scope crypto marketing agency specializing in impactful digital promotion and virtual events production. Their expert team works shoulder-to-shoulder with clients to build custom 3D spaces and experiences that wow communities. 

With EAK guiding the planning and logistics, crypto companies can focus on connecting with fans and partners face-to-digital-face. Whether wanting to demo exciting new tech or have vibrant, in-world meetups, EAK's pioneering virtual events make it happen. Their collaborative productions enable clients to nurture meaningful relationships no matter the physical distance.

  • Theta 
  • TomoChain
  • Conflux

When web3 companies are poised for liftoff, Lunar Strategy propels the launch. This full-service marketing agency understands the NFT, GameFi and DeFi sectors inside out. Whether startups or established players, Lunar Strategy maps tailored flight plans spanning influencer initiatives to community growth campaigns. But they excel most at accelerating companies that are already poised to embrace explosive growth.

With an arsenal of services - from SEO to public relations, paid ads to content creation - Lunar Strategy helps develop comprehensive go-to-market blueprints tailored to ambitious firms' visions. Yet their sweet spot is amplifying and guiding companies ready to scale swiftly. They possess the insider knowledge and marketing fuel across web2 and web3 to send growth-primed rockets surging towards wider reach and adoption. 

  • PixelPix
  • Applied Primates
  • Dark Frontiers

When startups and established brands need access to elite circles, Crowdcreate opens the doors - particularly for eCommerce firms, gaming ecosystems, real estate developers and web3 businesses striving for high-impact growth. This full-service agency spotlights an unrivaled global network spanning celebrity influencers, prominent crypto VCs, and thought leaders across industries.

By putting the power of social proof behind brands through exclusive access and partnerships, Crowdcreate accelerates awareness, reputation and community adoption - critical for funding rounds or launching disruptive platforms. Given this, they may not be the best fit for small or medium sized crypto companies. 

  • Anker
  • TP-Link
  • Iskra

Cryptoken empowers crypto innovators with full-stack marketing firepower. Their team of seasoned marketers and creators helps businesses of all sizes build communities, launch campaigns, and drive real adoption. Whether clients need social strategies, influencer collaborations, content creation or media outreach, Cryptoken brings the experience to ignite measurable growth.

While delivering top-tier execution, Cryptoken also offers budget-conscious packages for younger firms. This full-coverage agency can activate crypto brands on any budget. For established or emerging innovators in blockchain, Cryptoken supplies the complete marketing arsenal.

  • Liquid
  • Apeswap
  • Duelbits

Expanding into Asia but need a local guide? Trying to sway Korean crypto fans or charm Chinese mining pools? That's where Block Tides shines brightest. If seeking connections through localized ecosystems spanning Shanghai influencers to SingaporeVC firms, this marketing crew navigates the waters.

They grasp the cultural codes and preferences woven into diverse Asian crypto communities. As such, Block Tides can craft hyper-targeted strategies to resonate locally vs seeming tone deaf. Don't know the nuances risking an outsider brand image? Their multilingual team boasts insider ties across regional media, exchanges, and opinion leaders to build authentic inroads.

  • GALA Games
  • Asia Token Fund
  • AVXChange

Coinbound is a leading crypto marketing agency offering a full suite of services. However, they stand out for their expertise in community building for crypto and Web3 businesses. 

Whether it's building Discord servers, Telegram groups, forming strategic influencer partnerships, incentivizing superfans, or optimizing community foundations - Coinbound has got it down to a science. Their specialty is igniting and fueling crypto communities that become a cornerstone and rally behind missions, driving awareness and mass adoption.

  • Immutable
  • Stake
  • NFL Rivals

Melrose PR leverages extensive crypto industry knowledge and media relationships to help elevate awareness of leading Web3 brands and drive change on important issues impacting the space.

Their capability set includes strategic messaging and positioning, media relations, thought leadership development through placements and other engagements, and creating high-quality web3 content across blogs, influencer videos, and more.

As industry experts, Melrose PR takes pride in telling compelling stories on behalf of their clients, educating media, and spurring positive PR wins that drive institutional innovation and decentralization.

  • BitGo
  • Civic
  • Mina

BDC Consulting is a consultancy firm providing advisory services to innovators across Web3 domains, including cryptocurrency. As part of their services, BDC delivers customized crypto marketing solutions for blockchain companies seeking to promote awareness, acquire users, and scale adoption. 

With backgrounds in digital strategy, influencer engagement, public relations, and more - BDC's team crafts data-backed campaigns tailored to each client’s target community, growth goals, and market landscape. Their strategies leverage owned, earned, and paid media to help clients cut through noise in a complex crypto ecosystem. As such, BDC may be a good partner for crypto platforms seeking marketing as part of a wider consulting package. 

  • Bitcoin Exchange
  • OKX

Still wondering whether or not it’s the right time to hire a crypto marketing agency? Well, it's a good question to ask when success is on the line. While some businesses really excel at handling things in-house just fine, others could benefit from some extra help. It all depends on your business model and how you would like to allocate your resources.

With that said, here are some key signs that it might be time to consider hiring a crypto marketing agency:

  • If you've done a ton of promotion but are still struggling to get traction, fresh ideas could make a big difference. An agency can look at things with an outside perspective and improve your strategy to reach more potential users.
  • Got a big launch coming up? Like an ICO, new product, anything major? Having killer marketing in place is key. An agency can work some magic to generate buzz and set you up for a smash success.
  • Does your team lack experience with thighs like social media, making great content, or advertising smartly? An agency fills in those skill gaps with crypto marketing pros who know the drill.
  • Building serious trust and credibility is important in the crypto space. If you need more of that, an agency can score you press coverage, influencer endorsements, and media strategies that help say "these guys are legit."

As always, it's a judgment call based on your goals, needs, and bandwidth. Take a look at the potential wins. If an agency partnership looks like a smart way to nail those long-term gains, it could well be worth the investment. 

If you are convinced a crypto marketing agency is the right move for you, it’s vital that you take the time to pick an agency that fits with your goal and overarching mission. Vetting potential partners carefully avoids expensive mistakes. Some key things to dig into:

  • Pricing - Models vary widely so nail down exactly what’s included and what’s extra. Monthly retainers? Project fees? Results-driven? Ask straight up about hidden costs so no surprises sink you. Make sure what they offer fits your budget.
  • Results - Ask to see case studies and samples relevant to what you’re building. Dive into their process. Rockstar agencies will geek out on the wins they delivered to a business like yours.
  • Niche expertise - Not all crypto niches are created equal. You need someone matched to your audience if you’re in DeFi, NFTs, gaming or something else. Find partners already immersed in your corner of this wild west. They’ll get your users and the levers that spark their interest.
  • Communication - Things move fast so tight collaboration is key. Make sure your contacts are responsive and dedicated specifically to you. Look for crystal clear ways of working together, getting updates, and tracking progress.
  • Flexibility - The agency you choose needs to pivot on a dime as the terrain or your goals shift. Watch for rigidity or outdated processes that can’t keep up with crypto’s pace.
  • Shared DNA - Make sure their vibe and values gel with your company identity and culture. You want a partner who cares about your mission as much as the metrics. With the right chemistry, they’ll pour fuel on your vision’s fire.

As we head into 2024, sharpening your crypto marketing strategy is crucial to stand out from the pack. The agencies highlighted here have proven excellence - from strategic vision and creative flair to technical pro

Agency Name


Notable Clients

Best For


Storytelling and strategic blockchain PR

BIT Exchange, Etoro, DWF Labs

Brands seeking powerful narratives and earned media


Paid advertising and media campaigns


Brands wanting to scale paid media campaigns

EAK Digital

Blockchain PR and virtual events

Theta, TomoChain, Conflux

Companies looking to host impactful virtual events

Lunar Strategy

NFT, GameFi, and DeFi scale-ups

PixelPix, Applied Primates, Dark Frontiers

Web3 companies ready for explosive growth


Investor relations and growth marketing

Anker, TP-Link, Iskra

Startups and brands needing elite connections


Cost-effective solutions for smaller businesses 

Liquid, Apeswap, Duelbits

Younger firms seeking full-coverage marketing

Block Tides

Localized strategies for Asia-Pacific region

GALA Games, Asia Token Fund, AVXChange

Brands expanding into Asian markets


Crypto influencer marketing

Immutable, Stake, NFL Rivals

Businesses aiming to build strong communities

Melrose PR

Brand strategy and media relations

BitGo, Civic, Mina

Leading Web3 brands elevating their image

BDC Consulting

Strategies tailored to Web3 brands

Bitcoin Exchange,, OKX

Platforms wanting marketing as part of broader consulting


Nikolas Sargeant

Nik is a content and public relations specialist with an ever-growing interest in Crypto. He has been published on several leading Crypto and blockchain based news sites. He is currently based in Spain, but hails from the Pacific Northwest in the US.