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Future technology that could impact slots

The slot game has evolved and evolved since its earliest days.

Originally a mechanical game produced in the late 19th century which would offer cigars and alcohol as the prizes, via the fruit machine that you can still find in the corner of your local pub, greasy chip shop or sticky dance-floored nightclub, the slot machine has become an online spectacle.

3D graphics have become the norm which is a crazy thought when you consider that the format relied on illustrated pictures of fruit for so many years. But the impact of the internet and all of the associated technology like animation, HTML, coding and more, has made slot games an engaging video game in their own right.

Video slots are now all the rage. Thanks to the stiff competition across the entirety of the thriving online gambling realm, games released by the top developers like NetEnt Gaming, Microgaming, Yggdrasil and more, have to pushing the boundaries of the very format to get attention. Graphics improve every time you check what slot game is top of the charts. With this, layouts are becoming more and more creative, unique and original. If you haven’t read of king solomons casino review yet, it’s best to check it out as soon as you can.

Ambitious themes have made the slot game an all the more engaging experience. The themes also helped it to compete in a gambling world that sees sports betting, online poker and other casino classic converted into online entities gaining popularity as well.

Which begs the question; how much further can the slot game go?

Technology advances at an incredible rate and as such, are we about to see slot games continue to improve? To tackle this question, we present you with some future technology that could impact slots.

5G connectivity

With 3G quickly becoming replaced by 4G, it is now not long until 5G internet connectivity becomes the norm.

With this, we can expect the running of online slot games to get even smoother and all the more flowing. This will however not only be a good thing for those invested. The concern with this could be that with 5G internet speeds, more ambitious internet browsing and surfing will be possible and the slot game will have to compete with that.

Virtual Reality

The sensation that is virtual reality looks set to arrive in the online gambling world sooner or later and slot games could benefit from the intrigue and amazing possibilities that come with VR.

Slots are becoming more and more engaging. This is in part thanks to superb graphics and ambitious themes. These factors push the boat out for what was once a simple game with 3 mechanic reels. However, VR would take this growth to a whole new level.

Walk-in online casinos, reels that pull yourself and hands-on mini games or bonus features could be just a spin of the reels away should virtual reality successfully take off in the realm of online slot games.

A combination of 5G and Virtual Reality, seems like a perfect duo to keep the slot game momentum going.



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