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Zoomex Review

Established in 2021, Zoomex is a pioneering crypto asset trading platform leveraging cutting-edge technology to spearhead the future of digital finance globally. With a keen eye on evolving industry trends, the team aims to harness its core competencies. The Zoomex team team comprises professionals from major crypto exchanges, united by a shared enthusiasm for developing industry-leading online trading platforms.

Zoomex is an organization dedicated to advancing technology for the crypto-financial sector. As a young fintech company, it boasts a team of experts from various major exchanges in finance and blockchain, collaborating to deliver optimal IT solutions powered by our advanced technology. The collective vision is to enhance the convenience of crypto online trading services, providing clients with faster, safer, and more accessible means to build their ideal crypto portfolios.

As of June 18th, 2024, Zoomex cryptocurrency exchange continues to maintain its position as a leading platform, recording an impressive $7.82B in trading volume over the past 24 hours. The BTC/USDT pair remains the most actively traded on Zoomex, with a staggering $1.93B in trading volume recorded in the same period. 

Among the top gainers on the exchange today is the UNFI/USDT pair, which saw a remarkable 8.27% increase. Conversely, the CVX/USDT pair experienced a significant 31.64% drop, emerging as the platform's worst performer.

Zoomex’s robust offering now encompasses 348 trading pairs across three markets, providing traders with a diverse range of investment opportunities in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

Experience unparalleled trading privileges with the Zoomex VIP program, offering 100% secured assets, the lowest contract transaction fees, and exclusive perks like a dedicated live chat, monthly bonuses and coupons, custom gifts, event invitations, and prioritized product suggestions. Enjoy top liquidity and gain access to an elite Green Channel for seamless deposits and withdrawals, elevating your crypto trading journey to new heights. 

  • 100% secured assets
  • Lowest contract transaction fees
  • Exclusive Green Channel to Deposit and Withdraw
  • IP Dedicated Live Chat
  • Exclusive bonus& coupon rewards every month
  • Custom gifts, industry banquets, and invitations to partner events
  • Your product suggestions will be considered the top priority
  • Top liquidity in the industry

In a move to enhance the trading experience for crypto enthusiasts, Zoomex has added its crypto data to the popular TradingView platform. Traders can now access perpetual futures on 280 crypto pairs right from their charts on TradingView.

Zoomex has gained a significant user base, with over 2 million traders in more than 160 countries utilizing its platform to trade crypto futures with high-leverage options and a competitive fee structure. The exchange provides an engaging trading experience, further bolstered by an advantageous affiliate commission program and themed futures trading competitions to attract even more users.

With this integration, traders can now display Zoomex perpetual futures on their TradingView charts. By opening the symbol search and typing the ZOOMEX: prefix, they can explore contracts on popular pairs such as BTCUSDT, DOGEUSDT, and many more.

This collaboration between Zoomex and TradingView streamlines the trading process for crypto enthusiasts, allowing them to access Zoomex's diverse offerings directly from their preferred charting platform. It exemplifies Zoomex's commitment to enhancing the user experience and expanding its reach within the crypto trading community.

Choosing Zoomex as your cryptocurrency trading platform unlocks a plethora of advantages that set it apart from competitors. Security is of paramount importance at Zoomex, where your assets are safeguarded through a robust multi-signature cold/hot wallet system, ensuring they are protected against unauthorized access at all times.

Reliability is another hallmark of Zoomex, as the platform provides high liquidity and reliable pricing based on real-time market data, empowering traders to make informed decisions swiftly. Even in highly volatile market conditions, Zoomex guarantees stability, allowing you to trade cryptocurrencies at the most favorable prices consistently.

Moreover, Zoomex offers unparalleled 24/7 multilingual customer support, ensuring that assistance is always available whenever you need it. By combining these features, Zoomex delivers a secure, reliable, and user-friendly trading experience, making it an ideal choice for both novice and seasoned traders alike.

Zoomex crypto exchange caters to a global audience by offering its platform and customer support in multiple languages, including English, Korean, Japanese, Russian, German, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Spanish.

Zoomex's user-friendly mobile trading app is available for both iOS and Android devices, allowing traders to access the exchange seamlessly on the go.

Zoomex incentivizes its users by offering rewards, including monetary gifts, based on their derivatives trading volume. The trading volume across all Perpetual Contract pairs, inclusive of all available pairs, is counted towards earning these rewarding monetary gifts.

ZOOMEX engages in a lot of different marketing activities. For instance, they are the main sponsor of Oliver Bearman Ferrari F2-team, LaLiga Villarreal CF. 

This speaks volumes of the vast amount of capital that Zoomex deploys in getting their name out there.

In addition to its trading-related functions, Zoomex offers a variety of games to enrich its users' crypto experiences. These games are designed to help users earn additional crypto income through gameplay. "To the Moon" is the most popular game on the platform and is highly favored by Zoomex's user base. The exchange's gaming offerings provide an entertaining and rewarding way for users to engage with cryptocurrencies beyond traditional trading activities.


Zoomex presents an exceptional opportunity for users to potentially double their trading capital through its capital increase program. In this super subsidy event, eligible users can receive a subsidy of up to 10,000 USDT.

  • Minimum Threshold Requirement for Applying:

Users must have a minimum available balance of 500 USDT in their contract account to qualify for the capital increase application.

  • Applicable Amount:

Users who meet the threshold can apply for an amount up to twice their available USDT balance.

  • Capital Increase Period:

Currently, only 7-day and 30-day periods are supported, with the option for early repayments.

  • Interest:

The current interest rate is an attractive 20% annualized.

  • Special Application:

If the provided amount does not meet your requirements, you can submit a special request. 

This capital increase program offers Zoomex users a unique opportunity to amplify their trading potential and potentially maximize their returns through the platform's generous subsidy event.

Zoomex is an exchange specializing in futures trading, where leverage is the main feature and advantage, supporting a maximum of 150x to cater to diverse trading preferences. When selecting an exchange for futures, liquidity and fast execution speed without overload are crucial factors - the more liquidity, the faster the order execution and lower risk of interruptions for flexible trading. Zoomex excels by providing deep liquidity pools and efficient order execution, ensuring traders can swiftly capitalize on market opportunities without disruptions. This combination of high-leverage capabilities and robust trading infrastructure makes Zoomex an attractive choice for futures traders seeking a reliable and dynamic environment.

Zoomex’s spot trading function offers users a seamless and efficient way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in real-time. This feature provides access to a wide range of digital assets, enabling traders to execute instant transactions and capitalize on market opportunities. With advanced charting tools, real-time data, and a user-friendly interface, Zoomex ensures that both novice and experienced traders can navigate the volatile crypto market with ease. The platform's robust security measures and high liquidity further enhance the trading experience, making it a reliable choice for spot trading in the cryptocurrency market. Zoomex’s spot trading capabilities cater to a diverse range of traders, empowering them to seize opportunities promptly while benefiting from a secure and intuitive trading environment. 

Zoomex's copy trading feature empowers users to automatically replicate the trades of experienced and successful traders. By leveraging the expertise of top-performing traders, users can potentially enhance their trading outcomes without requiring extensive market knowledge themselves. This function offers transparency, flexibility, and an opportunity for both novice and seasoned traders to benefit from the strategies of industry leaders, optimizing their investment results. Zoomex aims to cultivate a vibrant community where investors from around the world can communicate, collaborate, and grow through the copy trading feature.

Even novice traders can effortlessly participate in futures trading without prior experience and execute trades with a single click. They can copy the investment strategies of professional traders and potentially profit from futures trading with ease.

  • Support for all USDT futures trading pairs, enabling trading across various pairs based on their spread and preferences.
  • Trader leverage of up to 30x, catering to the diverse needs of professional traders.
  • A generous copy trading maximum limit of $50,000, allowing traders to operate without restrictions.
  • Industry-leading trading depth and liquidity, providing high liquidity and reliable pricing based on real-time market data.
  • Fixed ratio and order capabilities, enabling traders and followers to order according to their position ratios for potential high profits.
  • Premium trader incentives, offering exclusive welfare benefits to outstanding traders (specific details available through related events). 


Through multi-sig wallets and a cold/hot storage system, Zoomex safeguards customer assets with periodic security upgrades to defend against external threats. For users seeking decentralized options, Zoomex operates a DEX enabling anonymous trading via smart contracts without intermediaries.


The Zoomex app's K-line charts offer millisecond-level precision, delivering an exceptionally smooth trading experience. The fluid candlestick rendering reflects the stability and order execution efficiency on the exchange, allowing traders to act swiftly on real-time market data. 

  • Maker Fee Rate: 0.1%
  • Taker Fee Rate: 0.1%