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Register now and get USD 10,000 on your demo account for free! Welcome bonus on your first deposit up to USD 1,500. There is a 100% cash bonus for the first deposit and 170% for Cryptowisser readers users special code “crypto.” Bubinga also offers a non-deposit $10 bonus exclusively to Cryptowisser users using the codeword “crypto.”

Bubinga is an exchange registered in Cyprus and founded in 2021. The Bubinga trading platform is designed to be simple and user-friendly. It has all the necessary features for professionals, but it is also easily accessible for newcomers.

The exchange is still relatively new but has garnered much attention in Korea. The exchange offers demo accounts, quick deposits and withdrawals, as well as a broad range of crypto options to trade. Customers can also enjoy a 100% cash bonus on their first deposit.  

Bubinga is a platform that provides traders with the necessary tools for trading experience. The platform offers stability and opportunities for successful decisions on financial markets. Traders can access dozens of assets on mobile and web platforms. These platforms include charts, analytics, and professional market commentary from top traders.

Bubinga allows for various deposit and withdrawal options, such as cards, e-wallets, and crypto. The company maintains high safety standards by keeping clients' funds in a major EU bank. Transparency is a key value for Bubinga.

The platform started as a FOREX trading platform but has since pivoted to include cryptocurrencies—namely, Bitcoin. While the platform only offers trading pairs on BTC/EUR, BTC/GBP, and BTC/USD, we may see the company grow in the future and offer further crypto trading pairs, as well as other crypto trading tools; such as futures, spot trading, and staking services. 

Bubinga is a trading platform that is designed to be innovative and user-friendly. It caters to both professional traders and beginners. The platform offers low minimum deposits and trade sizes, allowing users to test trading strategies with a moderate level of risk. Users also have access to a free demo account with 10,000 USD to review all the trading features. Bubinga provides 12 trading indicators to help users build a winning trading strategy. Deposit and withdrawal methods are easy and don't have hidden commissions. Additionally, there is a customer support service available for beginners to get their questions answered.

Bubinga provides a mobile trading platform for IOS and Android. It is an application that allows investors to trade and monitor their trades while on the go. Mobile apps are very helpful for investors in facilitating their trading activities.

Different exchanges have different trading views. There is no definitive "best" view, as it depends on personal preference. It is important to determine which trading view suits you best. Most views include the order book, a price chart of the chosen cryptocurrency, and order history. They also typically have buy and sell options. Before choosing an exchange, it is recommended to look at the trading view to see if it aligns with your needs. The image below shows the trading view at Bubinga in spot trading mode as of 03 October 2023. 


In the ever-expanding cryptocurrency market, having customer support that can cater to different language needs is crucial. This is especially true for a crypto exchange that wants to attract Korean-speaking users. By offering Korean-speaking support, the exchange not only ensures that users can communicate effectively and receive assistance in their native language, but it also shows a commitment to providing a seamless and inclusive experience for all users. 

Fast 2-step registration is important because it enhances the user experience and encourages more conversions. In today's fast-paced digital world, users have limited patience and attention spans. If the registration process is too complicated or time-consuming, users may abandon the process altogether, resulting in lost potential customers. With a fast 2-step registration, users can quickly enter their basic information and proceed to access the desired content or participate in an online service. This streamlined process increases user satisfaction and ultimately leads to higher conversion rates for businesses.

With the opportunity to have a free $10,000 demo trading account with no hidden fees, individuals can experience the world of trading without any financial risk. This type of account allows beginners to practice their trading strategies and gain valuable experience in a simulated environment. With no hidden fees, users can focus on honing their skills and exploring different trading techniques without worrying about additional costs. This offer provides a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in learning and understanding the intricacies of trading without any financial commitment. 

The Trading Room an instrument for confident and simple trading. Customers who have access to the Trading Room receive trading signals from our top traders, which can help them earn more. A trading signal is a profitable trade example based on our traders' expertise. The signals provide information such as the asset, recommended price, entry, and end times. To join the Trading Room, deposit $500, €500, or ₽30,000, which will stay in your account. You can then use this deposit to further increase your earnings with Bubinga.

The minimum withdrawal amount for most payment methods is $5 or equivalent in your account currency. However, this amount may vary depending on the payment system used. The maximum withdrawal amount for most payment methods is $250 or equivalent in your account currency. Again, this amount may vary depending on the payment system used. You can find detailed information about restrictions for each payment system in the Cash Register section. These restrictions are in place to ensure you can access your funds quickly. Additionally, the firm coves payment system fees when you top up your account or withdraw funds. However, if your trading volume is not at least twice the amount of your deposit, they may not cover the 10% fee for requested withdrawals. 

The company aims to minimize the processing time as much as possible. The waiting period is determined by your account type, which you can learn about by following the link. It's important to note that applications are only reviewed during the finance department's working hours. The finance department operates from Monday to Friday, 09:00–22:00 (GMT+3). Bubinga also processes some applications on weekends but in a limited capacity. If you apply outside of the finance department's working hours, it will be handled at the start of the next working day.

Bubinga provides multiple deposit methods to meet traders' different preferences. These options include credit and debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency. You can select the method that suits your needs the best. There is a 170% bonus available, which can be activated by choosing the deposit method, the sum to be deposited, and finally, by entering the relevant bonus code “crypto”.