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A more detailed review on BitFex will follow here shortly! A brief description however is that BitFex claims to be the “first cryptocurrency exchange developed based on the requirements of traders”.

The exchange itself promotes the following factors as its main advantages:

  • There is no need for account verification (i.e., anonymity is high);
  • Trading fees are low (0.08% for takers and 0.06% fees for makers);
  • All deposits and withdrawals are automatic, meaning no delay due to manual approval;
  • The platform has a free open chat function where users can discuss different coins (more commonly known as a “trollbox”)
  • The platform focuses on security. As examples of features enhancing security, there are separate servers for each coin, withdrawal confirmations by email, 2FA protection and cold wallets.

We will provide a more detailed review over the coming month. Stay tuned!