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Earn Interest on Crypto at Home!

Profiting from a cryptocurrency exchange is a basic knowledge that most people know. However, not everyone knows how to profit from the cryptocurrencies you own.

Many people are probably used to depositing cash savings into a bank account with a small annual interest rate. However, with the strong development of the decentralized financial system and the variety of cryptocurrencies on the market today, there are many ways to passively profit from your funds.

Earn Interest on Crypto at Home

DeFi offers savers and investors the ability to earn returns many times higher than traditional financial savings methods have had.

What if you want to buy some cryptocurrency, but do not know where to start. While crypto adoption is becoming ever more popular, knowing how and where to buy your first cryptocurrency is not as easy as opening a bank account.

Below, we will analyze how to earn interest on crypto right at home. With just a few simple steps, you can have a working crypto wallet and buy your favorite cryptocurrency. From there, you will be able to exchange in the cryptocurrency ecosystem to inherit all the profits that cryptocurrency brings. You can lend your crypto assets to get regular passive income. Conversely, you can also borrow assets on the platform to increase investment returns with Margin trades.

How to earn interest on Crypto

Step 1: Create a crypto account

You will need an account on a platform that allows earning interest on Crypto Create Account here

Yield. the app is a great choice for those who are just starting in the cryptocurrency network and want to earn interest in their funds. The platform will help you manage your investments on one intuitive page, saving time, costs and minimizing risks by safely keeping your assets on the decentralized financial ecosystem (DeFi).

Step 2: View interest rates

You can view the interest you will earn on different cryptocurrencies directly on the platform's website. Depending on whether the company cuts interest rates or not, the interest you earn may vary, even if you invest with the same cryptocurrency.

The interest rates for these savings accounts often change constantly based on supply and demand for crypto loans. Leveraged investors and exchanges that offer an advantage on their platforms often request Cryptocurrency loans.

The essence of DeFi instruments is that they accrue interest daily and are usually liquid. This means that users of the YIELD App can invest in our managed funds for as little as 24 hours before they start earning profits, with instant access to their funds at any time. Whenever they need it.

Good interest to earn on stable coins is usually between 6% and 9%. Some interest in cryptocurrencies is much higher –– sometimes above 100%. However, this high interest rate should be an indication of a high rate of cryptocurrency inflation. If you are just starting to earn interest in crypto, you should be cautious about any crypto interest above 25%.

Step 3: Add crypto to your interest-bearing account

Many platforms allow you to earn interest right after you fund your account. Some apps allow you to buy cryptocurrency directly with your bank account. This makes it easy to buy a cryptocurrency if you do not already own it.

Yield allows you to trade with USDC, USDT, or ETH. You can now buy crypto via crypto exchanges and send it to your wallet on the Yield platform to start earning interest.

Step 4: Make a profit from the cryptocurrency you own

As soon as you transfer your crypto to an interest-bearing account, you will start making profits. At this point, you just need to relax and watch your cryptocurrency increase.

Most of the interest earned through cryptocurrencies is a floating rate based on supply and demand. Although rates fluctuate, most of the larger currencies have relatively stable interest rates. For example, Bitcoin interest rates typically hover around 8%.

Profiting from cryptocurrencies is extremely attractive given the increasing value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the long term. Popular cryptocurrencies in which investors can earn interest are Bitcoin, ETH, USDC, or USDT.

The interest paid on these accounts will be in the form of cryptocurrencies in your interest-bearing account. Therefore, you are continuously earning interest from the market on whatever cryptocurrency you invested.

Pros and cons of earning interest on cryptocurrencies


  • Hold period for crypto funds: very short or no minimum time
  • Interest rates rise as your cryptocurrency appreciates
  • No minimum amount is required to open an interest-bearing account


  • Interest rates are floating so there is no guarantee you will get high interest rates in the long-term
  • If the cryptocurrency you hold falls in value, your profit and capital earned will decrease accordingly
  • Risk of some frauds

Choose a reputable cryptocurrency investment platform with the best interest rate offer

Yield is the best cryptocurrency investment platform that allows you to earn interest depending on your needs as an investor. If you do not want to hold crypto for long, then you will want to use a platform that does not have a minimum lockout requirement for their savings accounts.

You should also research which cryptocurrency you will earn the best interest rate. Then, you can compare interest rates between different platforms.


Earning interest in your crypto is a great way to grow your investment. Many platforms allow you to withdraw your full balance at any time. Therefore, it is relatively easy to get out of your crypto holdings if needed. Yield provides a stable and secure app that helps you earn passive income with minimal risk. Profits may vary depending on market conditions; however, it will be a good option to leverage your crypto assets.

Note: some companies have a minimum time to keep your crypto in a savings account. This leaves you more at risk of price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market. Even though you are earning interest, your investment will be worthless if the cryptocurrency drops in value.



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