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Cryptowisser – Your New Cryptocurrency Besserwisser

Investing in cryptocurrencies (or crypto, as it’s called for short) is slowly but steadily becoming more and more popular among the general public. Well, maybe not so slowly really. In 2017 the market cap for cryptocurrencies rose from 17.7 billion USD on 1 January, to 565.1 billion USD on 31 December, and the daily trading volumes rose from 130 million USD to 39.2 billion USD on 31 December 2017 during the same period. Such dramatic increases would not have been possible without a large influx of new crypto investors.

We applaud that development. Our strong belief is that people in the world should make everything great available to as many other people as possible. As soon as possible. For the avoidance of doubt, we strongly believe that the cryptocurrency market is something great.

Getting started with crypto should be easy

That is the mantra we have been chanting in the team since we started working with Cryptowisser (a besserwisser for cryptocurrencies). Our main ambition is to be the number one trading cryptocurrency guide in the world and provide tools the average investor needs to better navigate the world of crypto investments. That is why we have created the 4-Step Guide on how to succeed in the crypto world. The first step is to choose the right exchange and the primary tool we provide you with for doing so is our Exchange Finder, where you can find out which site that has the best trading platform for cryptocurrency for you (based on your individual preferences).

We also provide you with an Exchange Comparison Table, a cryptocurrency exchange list where you can review all top crypto exchanges. But we also compare the debit cards where you can use your crypto for everyday-purchases, the wallets where you can store your crypto and – finally – the merchants where you can buy goods and services for crypto.

We believe that the data we present on makes it easier for investors, new and experienced, to make a more informed choice of which exchange, card, wallet or merchant that best fits their needs.

You have already chosen an exchange. So what?

That’s another cheerleading chant we have been doing. So you chose an exchange in 2016 and are happy with that. You’re comfortable with the user interface and you’ve had no significant issues either. Great! We’re happy for you. However, we feel that you should check in with us once in a while to make sure that your exchange’s current fees are as competitive in the market as they were when you initially choose it. The choice of which exchange or trading platform to invest through is not – we repeat: NOT – a one-time choice. Switching costs are non-existent, and the benefits each exchange provides is most often far from unique and usually changes over time. Please also check out our guide Picking the Right Exchange that will help you find the best cryptocurrency exchange site for you.

Differences between exchanges are enormous.

Don’t believe us? Have a look! While the most competitive price we have found is -0.10% for Makers, meaning that you get paid for making a trade where you provide liquidity. On the flipside of the spectrum you’ll find exchanges charging up to 2.00% when you make a trade! Let’s break that down for you. Let’s say you purchase crypto for 10 000 USD. If the trading fee is -0.10%, that means you receive a payment for that trade so that your real purchase price is 9 990 USD. If you make the same purchase at an exchange with a 2.00% trading fee, your total purchase price is 10 200 USD. We don’t know about you but there’s a lot of ways we’d rather spend 210 USD than paying trading fees…

There are also real “bad guys” out there.

You should look out for them. We can’t guarantee that there are no ill intended exchanges at, the bad guys usually play nice until they don’t anymore. What we can guarantee you is that we will show you how our visitors have rated all exchanges. We strongly believe that there are indicators to which exchanges that are scammers and which exchanges that actively work on providing a high-quality service. One main indicator is how the users of the relevant exchanges are treated, as the better they’re treated, the more likely the exchange is looking to build a reputable platform to continue expanding upon.

In turn, this also means that the users on that exchange will be interested in spreading the word through sites like our own, Ergo, the better ratings an exchange has in our cryptocurrency exchange list, the less likely it is that such exchange is going to turn into a scam. Ergo, we help you look out for your interests.

You want to buy the Super ROI Extreme Mega Cryptocurrency – where can you find it?

Looking for that special cryptocurrency, huh? That future world top cryptocurrency? We got you. It isn’t always that easy to find out what cryptocurrency to invest in and where to buy a less widespread crypto. At, we will within short have real-time updates of the cryptocurrencies that are traded at each exchange. So, if you’re looking for the holy grail, you will be able to just insert the name in our search field and you can filter which exchanges that have it. We promise we won’t tell anyone about your search!

You got a massive bonus at work this week and want to invest some of it in crypto via wire transfer.

Congratu-f*cking-lations! Sounds like a plan. Just hit up and filter via the exchanges that allow making a deposit via wire transfer and move on to the fun part as quickly as possible, investing! 

Who are we?

Good question. We are bunch of guys from Sweden. The one thing we all have in common, except our passion for building a service aimed at solving problems in the crypto industry, is that we are all involved in the global crypto community and have been for some time.

So, check out, and give yourself the best conditions for succeeding with crypto investments!

P.S. If there is any functionality or information you feel is missing at the site, please send us an email at [email protected] and we will be happy to hear your thoughts.


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