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EU Report Criticizes Privacy Coins and Mixers

In its inaugural report on encryption, the EU Innovation Hub for Internal Security examined how privacy coins and mixing protocols are complicating regulatory efforts.

 Nikolas Sargeant

Privacy Blockchain Namada Proposes An Airdrop to Zcash Holders

Namada is setting history by becoming the first project to airdrop its native tokens to Zcash holders.

 Hassan Maishera

Phemex Adds 23 Collateral Assets To Its Margin Trading Platform

Phemex announced on Monday, March 27th, that 23 new assets could now serve as collateral on Phemex Margin Trading.

 Nikolas Sargeant


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Carte Nexo

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Carte Coinbase

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Pita Barcelona Watches

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Cryptoholic Shop

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Ledger Nano X

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OWNR Wallet

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Learn more about Zcash Coin.

When investing in virtual currency, you need to do your research. We provide you with reviews of each world top cryptocurrency out there, so that you can find the best crypto coins to invest in for you. This review of ZCash Coin consists of three chapters: origin, technology and pros & cons.

The ZCash Coin was launched on 28 October 2016. It is a digital currency that was forked from the bitcoin codebase 0.11. The main goal of ZCash is to maintain the anonymity of each transaction including the amount of the transaction and the parties involved.

As Zcash keeps things anonymous. It is referred to as “untraceable”. This crypto-currency powers through a decentralized blockchain just like the Bitcoin. This crypto-currency gives its owners the advantage of shielding their transactions completely. The only fact disclosed is that a transaction took place. In the world of digital currencies, ZCash is alone in introducing this innovation.

The technology of this altcoin is very similar to that of the bitcoin. Also, Zcash build on the same cryptographic protocols as Zerocoin. The purpose of manufacturing these cutting-edge protocols was to safeguard all the information about a transaction’s receiver, sender, and the amount transacted between the involved parties.

Zcash is an open-source network. Therefore, the code can be used to fix the gaps in the current Bitcoin protocol.

  • Zcash provides decentralized features to its owners that are the best when it comes to privacy and security. The transactions made with this crypto-currency are quick and secure.
  • The zero-proof protocols provided by this altcoin guarantee the protection of the anonymity and privacy. This also minimizes any chances of fungibility.
  • Zcash is the most innovative blockchain project because of its technology of anonymous open-source transaction network. When using Zcash, zero evidence of a transaction is left behind. Therefore, the privacy issues that you may encounter while using the other crypto-currencies do not exist here. So, the Zcash is untraceable and unbeatable in this sense.
  • The power invested in mining the digital currency is a concern among the Zcash miners. They have been working to develop a method of mining that is friendly to use for every involved CPU and GPU. The Zcash mining process is memory intensive which prevents it from getting dominated by the ASICs which are the application specific integrated circuits.

Therefore, Zcash is a great alternative to enter the cryptocurrency world for the security and privacy that it provides. However, they still need to make the mining process more user-friendly.