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Viuly Coin Review

When investing in virtual currency, you need to do your research. We provide you with reviews of each world top cryptocurrency out there, so that you can find the best crypto coins to invest in for you. This review of Viuly Coin consists of three chapters: origin & background, pros and cons.

Origin & Background

Viuly, is a decentralized video sharing platform and originated online at Authors can sell access to their finest content. Moreover, users can donate to authors, and earn from in-video ads. Meanwhile, users can watch free videos and get rewards. Advertisers place ads and pay fees directly to users. Furthermore, content creators and general viewers can attain advertising budgets. All payments on the platform are completed routinely in VIU tokens (Viuly Coins). Transaction history is stored on the blockchain.

The ecosystem rotates around Viuly Coins, or VIU. These tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain. They are not only the major tool for transferring value between advertisers, content creators but also for users. Overall, Viuly aims to interrupt the multi-billion dollar video sharing market. They wish to target main providers like YouTube and offer a decentralized, transparent, efficient platform with minimal fees.

Ruslan Popa is the leading person, CMO Silviya Martirosyan (CMO), Aleksey Vasyanin (CDO), and Mahendra Panchal (Founding Partner and Blockchain Developer). Additionally, Popa has years of experience creating and managing IT startups. He has served as CEO of numerous payment service providers together with RuPay, Qiwi, and Rompay.

The development team launched the alpha version of their platform in Q3 2017. They intended to instigate their video sharing platform in Q1 2018. During 2019, they plan to have 25 million people on the platform.


  • Video content storage is decentralized
  • Users are able to upload videos and produce channels for free
  • Video producers can sell access to the finest content
  • Viewers can prop up and donate to the content creators
  • Users can obtain rewards in return for watching free videos
  • Anyone can purchase best content using the Viuly Coins (VIU Tokens)
  • Advertisers can publicize on the platform and send payments straight to users, as well as to the video creators and viewers
  • Open source software is made on the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts

Video sharing platforms like YouTube control the marketplace. On the other hand, they offer a subpar experience to advertisers, content creators, and viewers. Viewers do not earn for watching advertisements. Moreover, Content creators only get 40-50% of returns from videos. And advertisers lose money to deception and middlemen fees.


Finally, we have not identified any obvious cons with the Viuly platform or the Viuly Coin.


If you have concluded that this is the coin for you, congratulations! Buy Viuly Coin here.

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