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Visio Token Review

When investing in virtual currency, you need to do your research. We provide you with reviews of each world top cryptocurrency out there, so that you can find the best crypto coins to invest in for you. This review of Visio Token consists of three chapters: origin & background, technology and pros & cons.

Origin & Background

Visio, launched online at It assists content creators share their work to a worldwide audience. The Visio platform not only enables content creators to give out their work but also allows content consumers to pay for work they appreciate. Transactions on Visio go on using Visio Tokens. The platform plans to host an extensive diversity of content, as well as film, music, documents, photos, and more.

On the whole, Visio intends to be the world’s first completely decentralized content aggregation raised area. It is a “DCAP”, or a Disseminated Content Aggregation Platform.

In general, Visio is a dispersed content management system, or CMS. The databases mirror using data stored in a blockchain. Thus, Visio uses IPFS as its data storage system. The team selects IPFS because it is open source and developed constantly. They also select it because it is a contemporary circulated data storage system. Furthermore, it is ideal for the requirements of a decentralized content management system like Visio.

Visio will index, explore, and sort data on its network in different methods within the IPFS network. The network can move around because it is not bound by IP addresses.

50 million Visio Tokens were reserved for the ICO, 10 million for the development fund, and 2 million for bounties of the total supply of Visio tokens. Commencing February 2018, one Visio Token is worth about $0.02 USD, with a market cap of around $1 million.

Technology Specifications


  • Resistance to actions of ISPs and peripheral authorities through the use of decentralized applications
  • Peer-to-peer streaming with zero requirement for a centralized content server
  • User-directed aggregation, together with all movies and subtitles
  • An incentivized reward system using the Visio Token
  • User-led moderation with no centralized temperance authority
  • File storage and hosting method. It enables for a low barrier to entry for content addition


Finally, we have not identified any obvious cons with the Visio Token.


If you have concluded that this is the coin for you, congratulations! Go for it! Buy Visio Token here.

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