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Exchange Protocol

Loopring is an open source protocol, not an exchange itself. Loopring is built on Ethereum to support ERC-20 tokens transactions, with the eventual goal of supporting all cryptocurrencies.

By accessing multiple exchanges at once, users are able to realize liquidity many times greater than what’s available in any single exchange. Loopring is able to break orders into small pieces and place them across all exchanges simultaneously. This also leads to users getting the best available price.


Loopring’s protocol can be accessed by both centralized and decentralized exchanges. It allows exchanges to fill more orders, thus leading to more profit.

Loopring protocol allows for several improvements over traditional centralized exchanges, such as:

  • High liquidity: Using a technology called ring-matching, orders can be posted on many exchanges at once, increasing liquidity on any trading pair.
  • Fairness: Loopring’s fee and discount model allows for fairness between all parties involved (Makers, Takers, Exchanges, and Miners).
  • Reduced counterparty and exchange risk: The tokens stay in the user’s wallet and are never locked by orders. They are only transferred out after the trade is executed and confirmed

Token Application

Gas fee will be the primary use of the LRC token. Fees are taken when a user needs to execute a trade.