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New Frontier Is Now Part Of The Enjin Ecosystem

The Enjin team announced in a tweet on Monday that New Frontier is now part of its ecosystem.

 Hassan Maishera

Enjin Announces Partnership With CryptoBlades

The Enjin team announced in a blog post on Tuesday that it has partnered with CryptoBlades, a play-to-earn NFT blockchain game.

 Hassan Maishera

Enjin Efinity Launches First NFT Parachain On Polkadot

Enjin Efinity (ENJ) has launched the first NFT parachain on the Polkadot (DOT) network, offering a scalable solution for NFTs

 Mark Weaden


Find the exchange with the lowest fees, best methods for depositing or your geographical area and start trading Enjin Coin

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4.44 based on 1467 votes


4.41 based on 4377 votes

Bit.com Exchange

4.19 based on 54 votes


Want to leave your cash at home? These cards support Enjin Coin.

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Crypto.com Visa Card

3.46 based on 650 votes

Carte Binance

3.3 based on 332 votes

Carte Coinbase

3.06 based on 181 votes


So you've made a little Enjin Coin and now you want to spend it? These are the places to do it!

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4.86 based on 7 votes


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Find the wallet that suit your security, ease of use and anonymity needs for Enjin Coin.

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Ledger Nano S

3.75 based on 176 votes

Jaxx Liberty Wallet

4 based on 2 votes

SimpleHold Wallet

4 based on 8 votes


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