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CyberMiles Token

CyberMiles Token Review

CyberMiles is a new blockchain protocol that focuses on eCommerce and marketplaces. It will have a library of Smart Business Contracts that are optimized for eCommerce applications.

The Cybermiles blockchain will be similar to Ethereum in many regards. Users can issue their own ICOs and tokens on the Cybermiles blockchain to raise funds for their projects. Cybermiles will also implement PoS consensus.

Smart Business Contracts

Similar to the concept of Smart Contracts, Cybermiles creates its own library of Smart Business Contracts for usage on the platform. These contracts will focus on eCommerce related functions such as accounting, discount codes, tax calculations, etc.

Developers can also create custom Smart Business Contracts to cater to specific needs. These will be open-sourced and available for everyone to share. As the platform becomes more robust, more companies will see the value of Cybermiles platform.


The company creating the Cybermiles blockchain is called 5miles. You can think of 5miles as a virtual yard sale marketplace, kind of like Craigslist. 5miles boasts more than 12 million buyers and sellers all over the United States. The App is available for iOS and Android.

Once the Cybermiles blockchain launches, the company will operate the 5miles App on Cybermiles. This will instantly put a large number of users onto the platform. In addition, users of 5miles will be able to pay and receive payment in cryptocurrencies.


In early 2018, 5miles teamed up with an NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks, to become an official sponsor. Team owner Mark Cuban announced that tickets and merchandise can be purchased using the CMT token in the near future.


The Founder and CEO of Cybermiles is Dr. Lucas Lu, who holds a Ph.D. in Particle Physics and worked at CERN. He participated in the research of the Higgs Particle. The chief scientist, Dr. Michael Yuan, has a Ph.D. in Astrophysics. He also has lots of experience with enterprise and mobile software. He is the author of five software development books and participated to the code of open-source projects such as Firefox, Fedora, and JBoss.