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When investing in virtual currency, you need to do your research. We provide you with reviews of each world top cryptocurrency out there, so that you can find the best crypto coins to invest in for you. This is a review of ConnectJob.


The current technological revolution has spawned some very interesting lifestyles and new environments for people to make  living. One fast-growing type of labour market is the “gig economy”. It’s basically a free market system that revolves around temporary positions, consulting and independent workers. Organizations can cater to their human resources demands in an ad-hoc manner and contract consultants or workers on a short-term engagement basis. This type of work lifestyle is rapidly growing and will gain a huge market share over the coming decades.

So, ConnectJob is a multi-feature application that will connect employers and workers over the blockchain. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, this B2C application aims to remove the costly presence of intermediaries and middlemen in the labour mediations business. A very straight-forward business model, where “employers” are basically anyone willing to pay for a specific task or service, and “service providers” is anyone willing to execute that task.


The platform revolves around the ConnectJob token, or CJT as it’s abbreviated. Essentially a utility token, the token will be used to pay for any service related to the platform, while also providing trust and security between “employers” and “service providers” across different segments. They will also connect ancillary service like identity management systems available to the blockchain (Civic). Thus, help ConnectJob to create a trustworthy and vetted database of qualified and available people. On top of all this, smart contracts will be facilitating and securing any transaction on the blockchain.


ConnectJob has created a service to cater the future needs of the labour market. They already have an iOS and Android-app, so the business model seems vetted. Now they’re going to connect the blockchain to their solution, to amplify the use case.


Finally, if you have concluded that this is the coin for you, congratulations! Buy Connectjob here.

Good luck!

ConnectJob Review
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