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Ardor is a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) company, which helps companies build blockchains in the form of child-chains. Child-chains will have features of the main-chain (such as voting and trading) and can interact with other child-chains. IGNIS is the first child-chain to be launched.

Ardor and Nxt

Ardor is developed by Jelurida, a company which creates open-source blockchain platforms. Jelurida’s first product was Nxt, a blockchain platform similar to Ethereum. Ardor is Jelurida’s second product, which it believes to be the 2nd generation of Nxt. Ardor launched its testnet in 2016 and Ardor coins were distributed out proportionally to Nxt holders.

Both Ardor and Nxt use Forging, a Proof-of-Stake method of mining.


The main issue Ardor is trying to solve is often referred to as “blockchain bloat”. As blockchains become more mainstream, usage will increase drastically. The amount of historical data needed to be stored by a full node will become extremely large. Ardor solves this problem in two ways.


Each company will have their own blockchain in the form of a child-chain. The main Ardor blockchain will record snapshots of the child-chain. This drastically decreasing the amount of information needed to be stored on the Ardor main-chain.

Full Node Pruning

Ardor also implements full node pruning, where old child-chain snapshots are regularly removed from the Ardor main blockchain as new information is received. This reduces how much historical data needs to be recorded without risking misinformation.

Future Development

Ardor plans to create multiple child-chains through their own development team. In the future, outside developers will be able to create their own child-chains. IGNIS is the first child-chain to be launched. It held an ICO and received over $15M in funding.