Bitcoin Mixing

What is Bitcoin Mixing?

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This is a guest post about Bitcoin Mixing, why people use it and its connection (or non-connection) to illegal activities.  What is Bitcoin Mixing? The features of Bitcoin that makes it attractive to people is that the user is in control of the user’s own finances. The storing and transfer of the digital currency does … Continued

Women in Crypto

Women in Cryptocurrency

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Women in Cryptocurrency This is an infographic on women in cryptocurrency prepared for us by The percentage of women involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain is far lower than that of men. But, it’s important for the women to quickly adapt and invest in cryptocurrencies to not miss out on the high share of wealth … Continued

Secure Your Bitcoins - Picture of digital lock

What you need to do to secure your Bitcoins

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This is a guest post by Evie Harrison discussing how to secure your Bitcoins and what to think about when choosing a cryptocurrency wallet. Evie Harrison is a blogger by choice. She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences and express herself through her blogs. Find her on … Continued

Spend Bitcoins - Bitcoin accepted here

Where Crypto Users Can Spend Their Bitcoins

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This is post about where crypto users can spend Bitcoins and the growing number of merchant accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment worldwide.    Bitcoin has been around since 2009. While a lot has changed since then, cryptocurrencies still have miles to go before achieving global acceptance. Even so, there have been merchants over … Continued

Blockchain Technology and AI: What could it all mean for the future?

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This is a guest post about what the combination of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence may mean for the future. The guest post writer is Alma Causey. Alma Causey is a freelance writer by day and sports fan by night. She writes about tech education and health related issues. Her mottos are: Live simply, give generously, watch … Continued


5 Ways Blockchain Will Transform Your Life

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This is a guest post about how blockchain will transform your life written by Puran Kaushal. Puran is a writer and marketer with a proven track record of making strategy/creative that drives traffic, growth, and action. Blockchain is certainly not a new term to you. But what exactly is “blockchain”? To put it simply, blockchain is … Continued

Cryptocurrency Merchants

Refusing to Pay with Cash – The Adventures of Cryptocurrency Mike

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This is a short fictional story written for the purposes of illustrating how widespread the adoption of cryptocurrencies as payment for goods/services has become. There are thousands of cryptocurrency merchants out there, and this story includes some of them. The main character is a fictional person named Michael, or “Cryptocurrency Mike”. Crypto-Mike doesn’t trust banks. … Continued



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Whether you are invested in cryptocurrencies or just an outside observer, one thing remains clear to all. The cryptocurrency market is volatile. The cryptocurrency market is far more volatile than the stock market and cryptocurrencies can – unlike most stocks – easily move 25-30% in one single day without any apparent news causing such movement. … Continued

Bitcoin Casinos

The Advantages of Bitcoin Casinos vs. Traditional Casinos

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This is a guest post about the advantages of Bitcoin casinos compared with Traditional casinos, written by Matthew Hill. Matthew Hill has a Computer Science and Engineering background and has had a deep interest in blockchain technology since 2009. He likes to learn and write about cryptocurrencies, the tendencies on the cryptocurrency market, and the … Continued

Cryptocurrency Coins

Cryptocurrency Coins and Cryptocurrency Tokens – Any Difference?

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Suraj Pandey is a doyen of governing the digital content to assemble good relationships for enterprises or individuals. Suraj is specialised in digital marketing, cloud computing, web designing and offer other valuable IT services for organisations, eventually enhancing their shape by delivering the stupendous solutions to their business problems.  Many people think that the word … Continued