New Bitcoin – Reasons to Buy Bitcoin Cash

This is a guest post written by Mary Ann Callahan. Mary Ann Callahan is a journalist at – cryptocurrency exchange. She is working on articles related to blockchain security, bitcoin purchase guides or bitcoin regulations in different countries. This is an article on reasons to buy Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin has been around for a number… Read more »

The Story of The Bitcoin Pizzas

How hungry would you have to be to buy two pizzas for USD 197,832,100? Pretty hungry, huh? Interestingly enough, with some creative conversions, that is what Laszlo Hanyecz bought these two pizzas for on 22 May 2010 (8 years ago today). They don’t even look that yummy if you ask us. Bitcoin Pizza – Sequence… Read more »

Getting Started with Cryptocurrency

Introduction to Getting Started with Cryptocurrency Cryptowisser was founded with the ambition of making the complex crypto world more available to everyone. In line with that ambition, we present and compare all crypto exchanges, crypto casinos, crypto wallets, crypto cards and merchants accepting cryptos in an easy and understandable way. But maybe we should step… Read more »