What Happened to Crypto 2018

What Happened to Crypto 2018?

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What happened to crypto 2018? If you’re in crypto, a lot of people have probably asked you the question: what happened to crypto 2018? Maybe while also insinuating that “bubbles gonna burst”, or “it’s all shit anyways”. However, the answer to the question is not that simple. It is way more complex. The cryptocurrency crash … Continued

Unusual Ways to Earn Bitcoin

Unusual Ways to Earn Bitcoin (And Other Cryptocurrencies)

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Unusual Ways to Earn Bitcoin According to Google, one of the most searched phrases is ‘how to make money online’. Inspired by this, we decided to check the ‘ways of making money online’ after doing a Google search on that. The results returned listed literally dozens of ‘ways’ to make money online. However, from what … Continued

BitMEX Affiliate Program

BitMEX Affiliate Program – A Customer Abuse Story

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We can all agree that the cryptocurrency industry has not yet reached its full maturity. It is not regulated, a very small part of the total market capitalization is institutional money and there are many areas in society where you are still stranded if you only hold “fiat currency”. The immaturity of the crypto industry … Continued

Cryptocurrency Index Funds - Chart

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Index Funds

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Cryptocurrency index funds are a new buzz in the world of finance. This type of investment seems to be gaining fame in 2019 because it represents an easy entrance into the cryptocurrency world. With cryptocurrency index funds, you can avoid managing and tracking your own portfolio of cryptocurrency coins, and it’s possible for you to … Continued

Nova Exchange

Nova Exchange is back!

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Most of the time when a cryptocurrency exchange suddenly disappears from the world wide web, it has to do with one of the following things: The exchange was a scam and the people behind it have run away with your assets; It was not very successful and it decided to discontinue its operations. Hackers attacked … Continued

Coin Exchanges Obstacles

Obstacles to Overcome with Coin Exchanges

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This blog post is about coin exchanges and obstacles that you may encounter when you want to start trading at a coin exchange. It will address three things in particular: Trading restrictions – all exchanges aren’t open to all people; Deposit methods – how can you deposit money to an exchange in order to start … Continued

Bitcoin Blackjack Casino

What Is The Best Bitcoin Blackjack Casino?

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This is a post on what you need to know when choosing a Bitcoin Blackjack Casino. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are becoming exceedingly popular in regular and online casinos as a secure and fast mode of payment. Considering the speed with which it has penetrated the European and North American gambling industry, it was only … Continued

Centralized Exchanges vs Decentralized Exchanges

Centralized Exchanges vs Decentralized Exchanges

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Decentralized exchanges are popping up like mushrooms in the cryptocurrency world. But centralized exchanges still has an iron grip on the majority of all cryptocurrency traders. Which type is the best? Which type will perish? This blog post on Centralized Exchanges vs Decentralized Exchanges sorts out a few advantages and disadvantages with both types. Background There … Continued

Invest in Cryptocurrency - What you need to know

5 Questions to Consider Before Investing in Cryptocurrency

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There is no shortage of assets when one wishes to start a career in trading. One of the newest and most talked about items that many budding investors have started to take notice is cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a form of digital coins powered by blockchain technology. As of 2018, if you want to invest in … Continued

Bitcoin Mixing

What is Bitcoin Mixing?

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This is a guest post about Bitcoin Mixing, why people use it and its connection (or non-connection) to illegal activities.  What is Bitcoin Mixing? The features of Bitcoin that makes it attractive to people is that the user is in control of the user’s own finances. The storing and transfer of the digital currency does … Continued