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Arcade NFT Launches Unique Innovative Collection

The highly anticipated launch of Arcade NFTs’ Genesis sold out within an hour, with the next drop date set for the 4th of September. Lucky buyers will once again be able to bid on these unique 3D Art & Gaming NFTs, which offer on-chain console games to play. While it’s still unclear how exactly the games will work, the concept of moving, interactive NFT art is very exciting. 

Arcade NFT is a disruptive 3D art & Gaming studio, boasting an excellent team behind the project, who really embrace the idea of old-school gaming. This collection will provide owners with the experience of interacting with their NFT as they wind back the years to indulge in retro arcade game classics.

Arcade Genesis NFT

Looking forward, Arcade looks to form collaborations with artists and brands. With the first release featuring the Genesis range, which has actual moving arcade machines, we can expect Arcade NFT to evolve as we see the creative ideas of this passionate team begin to flow.

A First for the World of NFTs

The drop represents the first NFT with 3D art, bridging the gap between art and blockchain technology. It’s understandable that the Genesis release sold out within an hour, you can see how incredibly detailed the arcade machines are - it’s quite impressive.

There have been some very exciting NFT projects this year. But, it’s the future of NFTs that’s really turning heads in the industry. The innovation is what is driving NFTs forward. Projects like SoRare will bring together sports memorabilia and NFTs, through an innovative fantasy football platform. Then from the gaming world we have Axie Infinity, which will offer users the chance to play Play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain games. 

While the projects are still on the horizon, things are moving very quickly in the NFT space. As is the case for Arcade NFT with the next Genesis drop on the 4th of September, which will be at 23.59 CET and will hold 9999 pisces. The Genesis drop holder will have all the projects airdropped to them.

The next drop of Genesis arcade games will differ from the first. The debut NFTs feature arcade games in the form of 3D art, whereas the second will offer both the art and the arcade game. Future drops from Arcade may be art-based NFTs or a combination of games and art, so keep up-to-date with the latest drops from Arcade NFT on their Instagram page.

Genesis New Arcade NFT

The Future of NFTs and Gaming

With companies like Genesis pushing the artistic and innovative boundaries of what’s currently in the NFT space, we can foresee NFTs creating substantial movements into the gaming world in the coming years. Esports has become a huge industry, with endorsements from professional sports stars as well as a growing trend of people viewing esports online through streaming services. 

It’s difficult to predict when NFTs will develop into outright gaming platforms as you see today, but given the nature of blockchain, it could develop into something much more exciting in the future.

Another exciting development in the NFT space is the project Decentraland, in which users are able to explore the world using virtual reality (VR). With VR companies like Oculus, headed by none other than the legendary John Carmack, developing some very exciting technology, one can envisage the future of VR domains like Decentraland—especially from a gaming point of view, where earning points on VR-based games could pay for your coffee in the morning. 

Decentraland currently offers users the same opportunities you’d expect in a game like SIMS; the chance to go shopping in virtual shops, go clubbing, watch movies, all built on top of NFT lands.

Where else will NFTs be useful?

There is a whole range of ways in which NFTs will influence the everyday living, many of which are already backed by various projects. Some of the most exciting areas right now are:

  • Buying and selling art
  • Demonstration of ownership for ticketing at events
  • Virtual assets

For buying and selling sport and art collectibles, NBA Top Shots and the Ethernity Chain are really exciting projects. There has already been a lot of hype in this space when we recently saw Inter Milan retire the Pirelli sponsorship in favor of sports digital collectible giants The Artworld struggled a great deal throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and NFTs came to the rescue for many individuals and art institutions.  

With regards to ticketing, NFTs would offer industry-changing functionality. One of the biggest issues that have plagued ticket distributors in the black market, namely the counterfeiting of tickets. NFT-based tickets would be unique in the blockchain and cannot be copied, adding security and promoting a healthy exchange service between customers. While there are already some very successful exchange services for tickets, customer trust still isn’t anywhere near the standard NFT ticketing would offer.

Companies like Arcade NFT and Exeedme are extremely exciting for the gaming industry. The aforementioned Arcade NFT has some very exciting projects in the pipeline, as does Exeedme which plans to reward customers for playing mainstream Esports platforms, offering new revenues to streamers and gamers. 

With such an enormous amount of use cases for NFTs, it’s hard to really cram it into just a few areas. The use of NFTs for the more mundane aspects of society, such as medical records, identification, and payment services, is also worth noting. 

Remember the Arcade NFT Genesis second drop is due to take place on September 4th, which you can check out at OpenSea.

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