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6 Best Places to Study Finance

Finance is one of the top-rated and hyped professional domains. Everyone is concerned about finance whether personal, business or national. It is the reason there is a value for finance study in every locality. People who have graduated in finance as a major are considered as the most intellectual and sensible. It sounds good and rich on its own.

However, your finance studies can be rich only if you choose the best places to study finance. Never get into any random business college to study finance and offer paper writing service after graduation. You should choose the best institute that covers up each dimension of the program for you. Eventually, you will be a financial consultant or so.

6 Best Places to Study Finance

Top 6 Best Places to Study Finance in 2021

We have come up with a listing of the six best places to study finance for you. These institutes are ranked according to the value of money, employment rate, leadership, industry contribution and more.

Harvard University – the USA

At the top of the list, there is none other than Harvard. Anyone who wishes to accomplish the best of education craves to be at Harvard University for some reason. It is not just about being one of the oldest universities but the most recognized one. Harvard has the best scores when it comes to delivering knowledge, indulging leadership skills, on-campus inductions and much more.

The University of Oxford Business School – UK

Right after Harvard, another name that clicks everyone’s mind for business studies is Oxford Business School. One of the oldest universities in Britain is an all-time favourite place for students to land for graduation. It is not just finance but any other business degree is at its best here in Oxford.

With the tailored practical applications along with academic courses, students at Oxford Business School learn more about financial applications. They have better knowledge about economics, pricing, and financial econometrics. The extensive curriculum and practice increase the course credibility and improve their employment rate at the same time.

HEC Paris - Paris

HEC Paris is famous for its ultimate recruitment rate. Every year, almost 995 of its graduates secure their positions in well-grossing companies. Most of them get started with financial services or consultancy at financial terms. Some of them are capable of securing personalized contracts as well. The institute is offering a Master in International finance degree that provides professional insight to students before they hit the job market.

London School of Economics and Political Science – UK

LSE is another remarkable name that every finance student considers at least once in life for either graduation or post-graduation. The diversified study environment and LSE’s Financial Group along with the Systemic Research Center are the major attractions. The school is home to extensive research and progress along with support in the job market.

MIT Sloan School of Management – USA

MIT managed to be among the highest-ranked universities in QS rankings straight for seven years. It seems the biggest achievement that tags it as a leading business school around the globe. The USP of MIT is leadership and management. The students graduating from the institute have amazing management and finance skills. They are the leaders taking ownership of decisions and teams at institutions.

They have high scores for best employment rate that gives them more privilege. Eventually, it is a value of money deal to get enrollment in MIT Sloan and receive your graduation. Most of the students get their first job within three months of their graduation. That seems a remarkable benefit.

Stanford University – USA

Stanford University is another remarkable and one of the leading universities of the USA. It offers a wide range of graduate programs in Finance. These courses are a gateway for students to connect to financial executives and stakeholders in the market. They learn everything about finance and experience it at its best.

Students at Stanford got numerous opportunities to work on the front end with financial companies. On-campus, recruitments are one of the major attractions there. The university has a higher rate of employment and it has acceptance in the field as well. Financial institutions welcome students from Stanford due to their financial ideologies and strategies.

Bottom line

If we look at the QS Rankings of the top 6 best places to study finance then the majority of universities belongs to the US and UK. The reason is evident that both states have well-structured financial systems. Students of finance there have more opportunities to explore and practice financial theories and strategies. However, the other competing institutes are not on the back foot at all in giving the best financial education to aspirants coming to their campuses.

These filtered universities are letting business students have a deeper and effective understanding of finance. Going to any of these universities is a dream of millions of students around the globe. If you have potential, only then you can get in there.



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