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10 Brilliant Ways to Make Money Online In India in the Autumn of 2021

Advancements in technology and the advent of the internet have brought about dramatic changes in various life endeavors. From our modes of communication to our learning system,  the impact of the internet is simply limitless. Even with business operations and how value is offered in exchange for money, the internet has unlocked a wide array of opportunities for the populace. Individuals can now earn substantial amounts of money working online without being restricted to certain locations or specific working hours. Maybe you've seen one such person in India who rarely does physical jobs yet live comfortably; chances are they're making money online. 

10 Brilliant Ways to Make Money Online In India in the Autumn of 2021 1

If you're in India and you've been wondering how you can also tap into the world of "online money makers," you're in the right spot. Unlike what some people believe, you don't have to go illegal or engage in any fraudulent activities to make money online. With these 10 brilliant ideas, your dreams of making money online can now be a reality.

1. Freelancing

Check any blog on "making money online", and you'd find freelancing somewhere top of the list. Why not? Freelancing has been on the rise since the last decade with more individuals joining the workforce by the day. Most freelancers in India earn an average of Rs. 20 lakh per annum and about 23% of them make an average of Rs. 60 lakh per annum. Freelancing, in short, is helping individuals and organizations accomplish their skill-based needs without actually being recruited or employed full-time. It's a system whereby self-employed persons (freelancers) use their skills and experience to provide valuable services to clients worldwide. Upon completion, the clients then pay the freelancer as agreed via a freelance platform or a payment gateway. Whether you're a designer, video producer, data analyst, or content creator, freelancing is a great way to earn money online using what you already know and are proficient at doing.

2. Cryptocurrency

Earning with cryptocurrencies is one of the most brilliant ways to make money online in 2021. Apart from buying and HOLDing bitcoin, you can implement other effective methods to earn from crypto. These include leveraging on bitcoin affiliate programs, mining bitcoin, day trading, offering services and getting paid in bitcoin, and so on. Suppose you execute a task for a crypto platform and get paid in bitcoin; you only have to know the bitcoin price INR whenever you're ready to exchange your coin for cash. Although the price of bitcoin isn't stable, 1 bitcoin price in India rupee is equivalent to 3,618,638.89 as of the time of writing this article.

Do you know that the exchange Remitano has launched its coin called RENEC, just like the Binance coin which is worth over $300. At the moment you can only mine using a Remitano mobile app. You can start mining RENEC today on Remitano.

 10 Brilliant Ways to Make Money Online In India in the Autumn of 2021 2

3. Affiliate Program

There are lots of companies in India looking to boost their sales and increase their customer base. If you're ready to help them reach their goals, they'd be willing to make your wallet fat. Affiliate Programs help you earn by promoting the products and services of other companies. When a customer completes a purchase through you or by following your link, you get a commission. Although earning from affiliate programs involves having a platform through which you can reach out to potential customers, such as a website or a social media page, it's a great way to earn passive income online. Crypto-related businesses also offer mouth-watering referral bonuses. An example is Remitano. Remitano offers up to a 40% referral bonus for every user you invite to the platform. Now that 1 bitcoin price in India is about 3.6 million INR, won’t you love to earn some passive income?

4. Start your website

Do you find yourself passionate about a subject and frequently researching it? Chances are others are just as passionate as you are about the same thing. You can turn your passion into income by creating a website about it and publishing quality content that appeals to your audience. The more you publish, the higher your chances of driving more visitors to your website. Once your website begins to get high traffic, you can monetize it by:

  • Selling your products on your website (both physical and digital products such as e-books)
  • Doing affiliate marketing
  • Offering memberships and subscriptions (if you have exclusive content that's worth paying for)
  • Offering courses
  • Hosting the content of others
  • Selling Advertisement spaces
  • Etc

5. Review Websites & Apps

With India's tech space becoming bombarded by various new apps and sites every day, the need for reviews has never been more critical. App and website owners need to test their products to ensure that real users do not experience challenges while using them. New businesses are also looking to win customers and thus need to give prospective clients reasons to try their services- hence the need for reviews. People, by nature, are reluctant to try new things, especially if others have never tested them. So if you can help these tech experts and business owners review their apps and websites, you can earn something worthwhile for doing so.

6. Become an Online Consultant

The number of Indians willing to give entrepreneurship a trial is fast increasing. If you have in-depth knowledge and practical experience in any field, now's the time to earn from it. You can become a consultant for newbies and amateurs in your area and share valuable information with them. The exciting thing is that you don't have to invest in a physical workplace before offering your consultation services. If you've got a smartphone, a laptop or desktop device, and an internet connection, you're good to go.

7. Make YouTube videos

You must have heard the stories of people who earned and are still earning from YouTube. Guess what? You too can join the moving train. Do you have an interest in a specific field, and you can record videos on it? YouTube is a great way to monetize your passion. Plus, if you have specific talents that you think the world needs to see, don't just post your videos on social media platforms that wouldn't pay you for your creativity. You may need to learn how to make quality videos and, of course, invest in a recording device. However, it's a worthwhile investment if you'd be patient enough to grow your YouTube channel.

8. Using your social media following

Are you an active social media user who has achieved a significant following from your posts? Take your social media experience to the next level by monetizing your account. You can do this by offering businesses advertising opportunities on your page in exchange for cash. So your jaw-dropping Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter following shouldn't only be something to brag about; they can actually open up income opportunities.

9. Deliver items

With India's e-commerce industry experiencing a surge in recent times, the need for reliable delivery personnel has never been more crucial. You don't have to own a car before you can deliver items for businesses in India. With your smartphone, internet connection, and bike, you can start delivering packages and making cool money online. The company sends you the pick-up and delivery locations, all online. If you wouldn't be available to deliver, you can toggle your availability switch or look for someone to outsource the job too.

10. Resell Domain names

Domain names are easy-to-remember addresses that help users access the content of websites. Examples are and These domains can be purchased from platforms for very low prices and resold at a relatively higher rate. If you can come up with hot domain names that are not taken yet, you can buy them and resell them at a higher price. In 2007, the domain was sold for a whopping $35m!


Making money online isn't a get-rich-quick scheme- as opposed to what many people think. Nonetheless, if done correctly, its benefits will almost always outweigh the investments. Once you get an effective smartphone, internet connection, and perhaps a computer, you can start your journey towards making money online with any of the brilliant ideas mentioned above.



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